Girls appreciating lesson for 8 yrs old

Scenario – mom, dad and 8 yrs old son caught in traffic jam outside an all girls school.

Mom – D, quick see which girl you like
Dad – Ha…find for your kokos also (big brothers who are in another school acroos the road)
8yrs- *a mister know-it-all, feeling great and grown-up*
Mom – How about this one? (typical school girl with specs)
8yrs – Chey… not pretty wan
Dad – The one in baju kurung?
8 yrs- She got a mole
Mom – How about this one?
8yrs – She got so many pimples
Dad – You like a long hair one?
8yrs- *getting stressed out ogling so many cheh-cheh (big sis)*
Mom – What about this one? (a rather bosom-my girl)
8yrs – Yucks, her nen-nen hanging like that (nen-nen = baby talk for breasts)

(Malaysian school uniforms comprise of a white shirt for girls and worn over a blue pinafore. No place for any sex-appeal.)

Dad feeling proud like a peacock with the son’s assessment. Mom’s mothering instinct jumped in.

Mom – You think all girls look like Lizzie McGuire show ah? You cannot say people not pretty wan. You must look for someone kind and nice. What if you find someone pretty but she is actually a monster? How? But papa lucky la, he found someone pretty and nice also.

(ha ha ha, caught son by surprise and confused him with the relation matter)

8 yr – *blinking and trying to figure out, scratching head*
Mom – He found mommy lor….soooooo beautiful and soooooo nice
Dad – *must be cursing self for having stamps glued to eyes (a Hokkien saying ‘bat chew hor stem kor’ = blinded). Regretting that his parents never teach him lessons on girls appreciation*