Letting kids fall

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Have you ever been annoyed by parents who bring their children to the park/playground/play area to play and then, keep blabbing ‘you will fall, you will fall, you will fall’ non-stop? Then, they are like a person overloaded on caffeine, jerking at every movement their kids make. Then, the very same person who keep telling their little ones will fall and hurt themselves, also are the ones who pushed the kids to slide/swing/whatever monkey acts. This is especially so when there are other children around who are younger than their kids but who are better stuntperson. So these kiasu parents bueh tahan others better than them and hence, forced their kids. And when their kids are still afraid, they will curse their kids with names like ‘fan thong, pern tan, sagwa, huanchu, fan si’. (In a gist – cannot stand others and label their own kids stupid in an attempt to get their children to perform like others.)

Shucks! I hate those parents. They spoil my mood. People like them are the cause of the deteriorating society.

They have no sense at all. Just tell the kids to hold tight when needed, let go when necessary and that is all is needed. Instead, they break the natural instinct of the kids, destroy their confidence and even worse, made their kids feel like complete idiots in public. So what if they get a few bumps here and there, cut and bruises are harmless. How else are their kids going to learn if they molly-coddle them all the time?

*Photo of my two sons jumping from about 10 feet high obstacle race bars. (like those army training thingy) 10 feet high is about the height of our house. Who needs gym when you have kids with inborn monkey traits?*