Instant secret to my happiness

I think I need a shrink real soon because I took photos of almost everything in my house. My toddler’s toes, close-up of the poor baby’s cheek/nose/eyelashes etc when he is sleeping (imagine a camera a mere 1 inch away with flashing lights, yet he did not feel it). Everything except my own face. ‘Cos I don’t want my camera to magnify my procelain skin and turn it into craters and surface of the moon, close up.

So, into the kitchen I go. Snapping photos of onions, garlic, ginger, belacan etc etc. One night about 2am, my #1 was cooking in the kitchen (teenagers sleep odd hours and have huge appetite). Out of boring-ness, I decided to rummage through our food granary and found so many types of instant noodles.

Now, this is the secret to my very happy life. Instant noodles of all flavours. My favourites are Mee Kolok Sarawak, Maggi Asam Laksa, Cintan Original and PAMA instant beehoon. They are my staple diet in the morning. Who has time for making healthy breakfast when there are loads of interesting blogs to read? Or why stuff ourselves with boring muesli and milk (that’s my ATM food) only to regret on our death bed that you haven’t got a chance to taste all the wonderful foods while living? You only live once and also die once, right?

Some great ideas for adding into instant noodles – vegetarian eggs (actually it is soya bean sticks), vegetarian prawns, fresh prawns, minced meat, vegetables like pucuk manis, enoki mushroom, mint leaves…, eggs, chili tuna, sambal udang kering and many others.

Even my toddler love mee-mee, holding out an empty bowl asking for more-more mee-mee. Ahh….all those proteins must be healthy, no?

Any Sarawakian can show me what real Mee Kolok looks like?