Big mama’s new toy – the BIG kkc

Let me introduce you to the small kkc and big kkc. The small kkc is very short only, shoot also very short distance. Old already, no power, no memory. The big kkc, walau-eh, so huge, long, solid and ooooh…it shoots so far. Any angle also possible.

Choy…before you guys think 5xmom has gone XXX, think again. She is over the moon because of her Kamera Kesayangan Cina-ahsoh, lah……Oi…. lu ingat gua macam itu loktor kah? Tarak la, kita orang baik-baik mya. Tarak kotor-kotor mya. kkc = camera, not ku-ku-chiao (bird-bird).

I used to own a Canon A10 with only 1.3 MP. It was bought a few years ago when Vincent was in the UMMC. Sadly, we only managed to snap two photos of him before he passed away. I still keep those photos in my camera, including photos of my 3 older kids in a sampan, scattering his ashes into the sea off Gurney Drive on 3rd May 2002. I guess after that, I sort of lost interest in living and who have mood to take photos anyway. But it has served us well in capturing Matthew’s baby photos. *sniff, sniff* (I am such a good story teller, no?)

As usual, life goes on, I move on and yeah, I did make you and you and you laugh, isn’t it?

IM with someone just now
Me : Hey, I just got my wide angle lense plus filter. (FYI, lense is si-beh expensive you know? RM400. Filter is RM100. Listed price RM1,358 for lense and RM358 for filter. Why this shop all mmm-fatt wan hor? The price is to chop, chop the ang mohs wan la. My camera is RM1,600 but internet price is about USD400+)

Someone : OMG, you are addicted

Me : No leh, not addicted, just passionate.

Someone : kikhkikhkikh (thinking aiyah, this cina-ahsoh only spend RM2,000+ so kembang liao)

Me : Oi, don’t laugh you know? It means the world to me ‘cos every sen I spend, not easy to earn wor. I have to iron dunno how many underwears and wash how many toilet bowls with toothbrush you know!!! Then only my master kasi saya duit beli mya tau kah?

Here’s my new, long, kkc –

(psst…don’t pay attention to the cloth diaper and sarung batik ya? I wanna help our PM’s wife to sell batik mah. But it was too gawdy, so I cover with a white cloth diaper lor)

You can read the preview of the camera and also a user’s tips. Wah, this guy really got nice photos in his album. Check it out if you have time. Hopefully, my tahi ayam remains hangat all the time. ‘Cos if tahi ayam always hangat, you all readers got chance to see Penang food mah. Otherwise, you will see I lelong the camera.