Update on baby Ryan’s contributions

Hi everyone (MMB, Bloggers, friends and online friends)

Regarding our post earlier on Baby Ryan’s wish to give every children in the paediatric ward in UMMC a gift during New Year, we had received overwhelming responses.

Total amount of money deposited into KS’s account : RM2,520.50
Total amount she spend : RM1,094.00
Balance : RM1,426.50

KS had pos laju to me a complete accounts of this. The bills and receipts, deposits amount and she had also made a banker’s cheque for the amount of RM1,426.50 to me for safe-keeping.

She apologised that they aren’t able to take photos the other day as there were only 5 of them covering almost 200 beds. Partly also because they were too excited seeing all the happy faces of the children.

She also told me that she put up all the cards and gifts that some of you mailed to her at YS’s bed in the hospital. Unfortunately, on 26th December, during THE tremors, the PICU’s aircon leaked at YS’s bed head. Yeah, some of the patients in the higher floors were evacuated during the tremors. So, they had to shift the children’s bed, including YS and in the process, all of these were taken down before she had time to take the photo.

I got a very long, long mail from her expressing her thanks again and again to everyone for the thoughts, gifts and contributions. She also made several apologies, she is always this humble. We talked for about an hour yesterday and I am sorry to say that YS is not doing well at all. He is not tolerating feeds, his condition cannot be stabilised enough for some procedures to insert a tube direct into his stomah for feedings and therefore, all kind souls out there, please pray that this Master Wong (YS) will co-operate enough to go through this procedure. It is not easy to schedule an operation for him in a huge hospital with lots of people in the queue. And when they have gotten the operation scheduled, YS developed bronchospams/breathing difficulties and therefore, kena postponed twice already. Another one is coming within these few days. Pray that he will co-operate this time.

KS told me that everytime after the scare, the Prof will declared, oklah, we call off this operation. Immediately, YS will be back to normal again. Then, he will cover his face with his arm and peeking at his very disappointed mom. (It is very important to get food into him and therefore, KS is hoping for the operation to be done asap.) So, for this 3rd attempt, all the nurses, doctors and KS will pakat and keep quiet about this. No more preparation for OT room, no one is to mention anything in front of YS. They are going to surprise him this time. FYI, for a baby his condition, a simple operation can also be a very dangerous situation. So, keep him in your mind, pray and ask for his recovery, please.

As for the balance money, KS proposed to keep it for another Mother’s Day event like what we did last year. KS has such a generous heart and what makes her happy is to see the needy patients get some gifts to cheer them up. If something comes up earlier, then we shall update you what we did with the money.

So, world, remember I am the trustee of RM1,426.50 which are the generous donations from all of you.