What’s my name?

Hey world! I am going to take the plunge. Yeah, I am going to get myself a cyberhome because I just sold my real house. Actually, it is not related but heck, I must find some good excuse to take the leap. Since I have a little dough, why not pamper myself with something vain, right? After all for the cost of a dress, I can pollute the internet with my grand name liao. A dress will go out of fashion. A domain can only get hotter and better. Yeah, google 5xmom, lilian chan penang and you get me 10/10. MSN, Yahoo, any search engine and I am the one and the only chan lilian penang.

But I am stuck in step 1. I cannot make up my mind on a domain’s name. Some kind soul out there is going to do the setting of the site etc for me. I just need to find a name. A name which has oomph. Errr…like my real name for e.g.?

First, please give me some ideas.
1) Real name? My real name is Chan Lilian. (yeah, my father very ang moh style and gave all my sisters and I English names, surname first, then name, no other Chinese name)

2) Or use something catchy? Urgghh…I can’t think of any. Ideas welcome. Someone suggestion liulian (meaning durian, a thorny fruit, which he said is very appropriate because I like to poke people mah)

3) dot com, net or org (orgasm kikhkikhkikh?)

Aaaahhhh….that’s the problem with women. They can never make up their mind. Quick, quick, give me some ideas before I chicken out again.

What am I going to do with the site? To boast a little about me *ahem*, to store some of the earlier things I wrote about Vincent (after all, it was him who caused me to fall into this internet thing) and my blog of course….. and definitely will show off my photos too.

Harimau mati meninggalkan belang, manusia mati meninggalkan nama. (amboi, perasan)

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