is born

(site not working until further notice)
My IM conversation with someone whom I shall refer as my consultant.
5xmom : *sigh* I need a name
consultant :
5xmom : is there already a in existence?
consultant : .com = commercial
(google and got some weird results)
5mom : i dunwan to end up as some old aunty in HK with bad photography skill

5xmom : oi, you think i bodoh ah, sure i know what net, com and org is lah. org especially
consultant : it’s what you write that brings you to the top of search engine, not the uniqueness

5xmom : google lilian chan – i come out top
consultant : actually the more people link to you, the higher your rank will be in search engines
5xmom : but result like this very turn off leh – Second, sister Lilian Chan, she encouraged me when I was zvery depress to seek the -edited- (hey, I am the youngest sister lah)
consultant : lol
5xmom : Another google result – Lillian Chan, health sciences librarian, retired from the SDSU Library in August 1998 after 30 years of dedicated service. …
consultan : marn that’s old
5xmom : that’s why lor, i kenot make up my mind lor, i dunwan to be some old hag mah
consultant : you keep writing writing… one day if you search ‘chan’, your site come out #1
5xmom : now already no. 1. but not enough, i want all ten results to lead to me. abuden, you so famous liao also your surname got one place only
5xmom : yeah, chan lilian is a better choice
consultant : but i search ‘chan’, top is jackie chan wor…
5xmom : ‘cos all my old articles in the papers come out too. so it is going to be chanlilian.?
consultant :
5xmom : ei, jackie chan is my heng tai mah, same surname, you kau-kau-chan (kacau in Cantonese), i call jackie chan to break your nose
consultant : coz you’re not making money out of it so .net is a better choice than .com
(google chan lilian and got the below results)
5xmom : Jacky Cheung, Steven Ma William So, Nicholas Tse and others Favourite female singers – Joey Yung, Kelly Chen, Miriam Yeung, Flora Chan, Lilian Ho, Priscilla Chan ..
5xmom : so oklah, all the flora chan, jackie chan fans also come to me
consultant: hahaha
5xmom : mmm goi (thank you), i found my name liaoz.!!!
5xmom : but you don’t go and buy before me ha, then auction to me
consultant: congrats!!!

So it is going to be Why?
Beautiful Lotus – is my Chinese name but I scared people think I am some Buddhist nun running a Pure Lotus website. I don’t want them people to accidentally stumbled here and be shocked with my language mah. sinchoi, sinchoi
5xmom – It will remain as my ‘brand’ *ahem* (thanks Mack) and prolly my logo. But I found it hard having to verbally explain to people how to google 5xmom ‘cos I need to say ‘you type number five as 5, not spell out f.i.v.e, x as in small x and then m.o.m. with o, not u. No spaces, you know.’ Half-way thru, I get blank looks liao.

Actually, no need to explain so much la, it is just that I love my name, damn proud of it ‘cos my dad chosed it so carefully. (I was supposed to be named Lucy or Elizabeth ‘cos dad got crush with Elizabeth Taylor in 1964 but decided Lilian because it is an English name for the flower lilly. Hmm….again pure lilly, nervous liao, lotus, lilly.)

So, someone is going to be busy guiding me how to set up a cyberhome liao. Yahoo!