Kids – love ’em or hate ’em

5xmom was admiring pompous self in the mirror, counting dark spots, wrinkles and white hairs.

5xmom – Ahhhh….my double chin
(at the back of 5xmom’s mind, she remembers that #2 brother had been teasing her since small that she has more chins than a Chinese phone book. To the blur sotongs, it means that there are many people with the surname Chin in the book lor. That means double, triple…chins.)

8yr son – *Looking innocent and wide eye* Mommy, do you know what is a ‘watel’ (that’s what 5xmom thought)

5xmom – No leh, sayang. *thinking that he must have misspelt* You mean water or waffle?

8 yrs son – No lah….(voice geram liao ‘cos mom thinks he dumb or what) Watellllll (that’s what 5xmom heard)

5xmom – Really, I never heard of watel.

8 yrs son – *beh shiok liao, mouth twitch* W. A.T.T.L.E.

5xmom – Oh…wattle….I dunno wor, never heard of it. Why? Why not find it in the dictionary, darling.

8 yrs son – *pull in deep breath, eyes rolling, pull exercise book out of school bag, show the book to 5xmom*

5xmom – *read and felt like strangling the son* You mean I got that?!!@!%#??

Turkey photo stolen from here.
wattle – a piece of red skin hanging down from the chin like a turkey.


This post is inspired by bkworm’s blog about her daugther.