Ray of light

I was rather saddened to hear the news from a fellow blogger and also Penangite about his wife. As a woman and someone whom had gone through miscarriages twice, I would say that I feel a lot for his wife eventhough I do not know her. In my daily life, I do get to know many women with almost similar situations . We had shared our feelings intimately and therefore, I know the heartache of a mom-to-be when her pregnancy encounter worries and uncertainties. Once a woman knows she is pregnant, her love for the baby has already bloomed and very real.

So, on Sunday morning, I was a bit disturbed, with my own problems and also the thought of this couple. Actually, it is none of my business as we do not know each other well but then, when you visit each other blogs daily, you definitely attach some endearment to them. Even if I do not always agree with the person blog, I know the person behind it is not as mean as the blog. (hahahaha)

I found this beautiful rays of light shinning through the clouds and managed to capture this photo from my house in Sungai Ara. At that time, I really do not know what it signifies but I found comfort in it. I do not know what rays of light I can expect in my life but nevertheless, I felt good. It lifted my mood and I give thanks to the Lord as I realised that my life has not been so dark nowadays.

So, I hope and pray that each person will find some light even in the darkest hours. I know that many fellow bloggers have come forward to show their caring attitude towards each other. When I read Papi&Mami’s blog today, I can just feel a little ray of light.