St. Xavier is the best

Do you all remember my rantings in Why Papa said the F word in front of the kids? (p/s the comments are there but shown 0, read please) The matter wasn’t resolved because 5xdad sort of dunwan to kick a fuss eventhough he had gone to the school. Fine with me also as I do not like parents who make life difficult for teachers. I respect teachers ‘cos my dad and sister were teachers. I respect teachers because they are willing to teach my sons. I respect teachers because…. (oklah, enuff polish la) So, I thought let my son blend in lor.

Two days ago, my #2 had to wear the huge shorts and singlet. I had to fetch him to sports practice. Poor guy looked absolutely embarassed though I did not want to make it even worse for him. So, I pretend buat tak nampak (notice) how he felt. Fetching him is not a problem but is a huge inconvenience for my toddler ‘cos poor kid had to sleep and wake up and sleep and wake, hot sun, cold air-con, hot car, burning car seat…(you get the drift la) as I had to carry a 16kg sleeping toddler for car trips twice in 1.5 hours.

So, I decided to hit the email send button last night at 2.17 AM with a mail to

Dear Bro. Paul…..

And teng-teng-teng-teng…..this morning at 7.12 AM I got mail!

Dear Ms. Chan… (woohoo, never been called Ms. for a long time dy).
In a gist, Bro. Paul asked me to return the shorts and he will refund me RM10 and I can buy one on my own. He also said I can arranged for my two sons to attend sports practice on the same day.

Great! I will not return the shorts but instead will give generously to the school donation drive. They are having a donation drive for Tsunami victims, old folks home, orphanages and other charity homes.

Please give a round of applause to the Pengetua of Sekolah Menengah St. Xavier, Penang. For the efficiency in attending to his mails, his accomodating nature and errr…his baking skills (did you read that he bakes and teaches the students too?). Now, I must seriously look into attending PTA meetings. *muahahahaha* Ex-Xavierians, do you all remember the school anthem?

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