What makes a good blogger?

*These are my own thoughts and conclusions. I am jotting this down to remind myself only. If you feel I am describing you 100% in the first category, please feel kembang and thank me. Watch the chair, in case it breaks due to the kembangness. However, if you fall into the second category and feel offended, I feel pretty, oh so pretty. *


1) Ability to laugh at ownself
2) Dare to make a statement and stick to it
3) Does not get flustered when challenged (ability to tell people to fark off with one liners)
4) Humble yet proud (proud of own personality but never look down on others)
5) Know when to shut up and when to speak up
6) Must have the bitch factor but with a heart
7) Sociable and caring, i.e. take a real interest in others’ blogs
8) Smart – know who is in and whom to avoid
9) Revealing yet somewhat mysterious
10) Responsible and thoughtful of own’s blog repercussion on the community

1) Blog Blab about matters beyond their knowledge
2) Self-righteous and self-centered
3) Irresponsible and lack of focus
4) Attention seeking and vindictive
5) Littering other bloggers with stupid comments
6) Judging fellow bloggers real personality
7) Get defensive and blab too much in their own comments board
8) Become a social prostitute/gigolo – i.e. trying to polish shoes without learning the art of kembang-mengembang
9) Copycats and tracking/quoting established bloggers when one doesn’t even measure up
10)Impose own beliefs too strongly on others and never see own mistakes, no matter how many people have given sound advices.

1) Say what I want with attitude (attitude is defined as ‘garang’ but a more canggih version, a sophisticated fierce character?)
2) Not afraid to admit own weakness, mistakes (my grammar is lousy and I know)
3) Learn from senior bloggers without littering their comments board with dumb words
4) Blog things that leave an impact on others, regardless of age/background
5) Please myself before others
6) Be a bitch with a heart
7) Make sure the art of kembang-mengembang shines and sparkles
8) See only the good side or just stay away (if I can resist shitting once in a while)
9) Encourage newcomers by showing genuine interest
10)Humour, humour, humour