Some thots inspired by Hari Raya Haji

Two years ago, I wrote a hush-hush email to someone from Kuching. She is formerly a Catholic and now following the Buddist teachings. Life has too many events that make her a very wise person. Someone I look up to because no one else can give me better reasonings than her. I was a very confused person at that time because I was brought up a Taoist and when I wanted to take the leap to follow Christ, I have my fears, doubts and worries. I was scared shit ‘cos it means leaving my siblings/outlaws siblings and my other half (well-sort of). Yes, it is that serious. Because I was the leader in my ATM’s family who organise prayers for Ching Ming, dead anniversaries, you name it, I know it. My kids wanted to follow me and hey, think how horrified my outlaws would be to know that all my four sons are no longer going to hold joss-sticks to honour their ancestors. (I still allow them to hold joss-sticks, but honour God, only God.)

I secretly asked her why Hari Raya Haji has so much similarity with what I read in the Bible. She was amused with my innocence and lack of knowledge. She explained that Abraham and Ibrahim is the same reference. We are bereaved parents and we come from all religious background. Sikhism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, in-between/undecided….we come from different faiths but our grief have made up us rise above our religious differences. We are able to connect with our Higher Being simply because we look within ourselves, our own personal selves. We never once argue where our dead children are. The Buddhists have a different way of seeing things. The Muslims and Christians have another. Reincarnation or resurrection. We don’t argue. Then, those who do not want to follow any religious faiths too have their own reasonings and we respect them just the same.

We have existed for a few years now as a bereaved parents group. We are there for each other without any problem. Because we do not impose our beliefs on each other. We do not quote the Bible/Quran/Buddhist/Sikhsm/Hinduism/etc teachings verbatim to flame each other when we do not agree with each other. I hope everyone can have the same tolerance like us. I hope there are fewer individuals who like to outline themselves and identify themselves by their faiths. Christians who go on further to identify themselves by their denominations. I feel it is confusing for individuals like me before I turn to Christ. I got very confused with the meaning of Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, Protestan, Adventist, FGA, AOG, Orthodox and Catholics. Heck, I do not know the differences until today. And I am not keen to know too.

Religion is to keep us on our toes, not for us to use it to step on other toes. Yes, I do step on my fellow bloggers’ toes. Hey, have I forgotten to mention that I am a Catholic? Or everyone already know. But if I do annoyed them, it is not because they are Catholics. Please, whoever have this mindset, think again. If I am annoyed it is because of the issue, not the person, not the faith. I did flamed someone but that is because I do not like to see the someone using god’s (spelt with a small letter, mind you) name in her blog so often. I do not like to see my saudara bloggers who are of the Islamic faith questioning her. I do not like people to segregate themselves by their religion. Because I know Jesus often said that we have to overlook our differences. (Don’s ask me to quote the book/chapter/verse because I am a very busy mother. I read and remember the principles and that is good enough for me.)

In 2 hours I am going to be in church, in the choir. I cannot sing, I got lousy voice, I have never heard of some of the songs, they are in Latin. But why do I do it? Because I love doing it and I am such a fast learner. I feel good being a Catholic. I just wish that people will stop reminding me that I am a Catholic.