The 8 yrs old fotographer

Since I got a new toy, my old Canon camera is now my 8 yrs old favourite toy. It is annoying to have an 8 yrs old going around the house with a camera because he will snap the most candid shots like people picking gold (nose digging), scratching groins, adjusting underwears etc. No la, I am exaggerating a bit. But I let him bring the camera down to the garden, around the house and etc to snap all the photos he wants. It is interesting to see what he comes back with.

My innovative little guy has managed to capture his own photo by taking photo in front of the mirror. He also tried to take photos of inside his nose. And making an angry face, as shown in the eye. Taking photo of his little baby brother sleeping soundly. And yeah, while mom was reading blogs. Guess whose website is on the photo below? This is a candid shot and not tailored for any kembang post, ok?