Sexy, hairy legs photo

Few days ago, in the car.
#2 son – Tolonglah (pls), go and shave your legs la
Me – Tiamla, bo eng la (quiet, not free ok?)
#2 son – So geli only (very iccky)
Me – Shaddapla, my husband also never say anything.

Yesterday when I was plonked on the floor in a heatwave. Legs stretched. And there he goes again.

#2 son – Please lah, go and shave your legs la
Me – Lazy lah, you know your brother (toddler), I take out the epillator (sp?), he will start to kaypoh (meddle), so difficult to do anything with him around. Wait Chinese New Year la.
#2 son – Go and borrow your husband’s shaver la
Me – You want me to die ah? He sees one hair only, he sure go and buy another new shaver. My ketiak (armpit) hair also cannot borrow.
#2 son – In that case, let me get the candle and wax for you
Me – Get off my back la, who cares about my legs? It is not that I got boyfriends to admire my legs. You go and take care your fishes la.
#2 son – You teruk lah. (you bad)
Me – Say me somemore, next time, you get a wife with hairy legs like this baru you tau *point to photo*. (only you know)
#2 son starts pulling leg hair.
Me – Ouch, ouch, I kick you fly to the wall baru tau.

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