Communication centre

*Ahem* This humble table has been featured full page in Star InTech. (nyek, I am not providing the online link ‘cos I hate my nose) No joke! How many IT wizards dream of being featured? How many taukehs are fantasizing? But this humble Ah Soh (aunty) got it.

Notice that my CPU is hanging? Because my toddler keep switching my computer on and off. And stuffing food and chopping bananas with the CD rom drive. Notice that huge pile of books? Because Ah Soh got spilt personalities. One minute, she needs the Bible. Next minute, she needs the Fine Art of Breastfeeding. Another minute, a recipe book. And when the going gets tough, some Max Lucado. Or Zig Ziglar. There are a lot more books like thrashy, romantic or suspense novels, DIY books, motivation books which of course includes Stephen R. Covey, Ching Nin-chu, many Chicken Soups etc. And another huge stack of books on handling losses, bereavement, pregnancy and etc. Not to mention expensive IT books on many subjects.

Crazy….I really do not know if this is a symptom of some mental disorder. But I really need this little corner and my stack of books to function. I communicate from here. I will ping-pong emails with my ATM instead of verbally arguing over matters. I may IM my sons with “HOI! go and take your bath lah”. Or running my forum and participating in another. Handling the emails from my Yahoo groups. Gossiping with friends. IM-ing with others. And finally, of course, blogging.

Tell me what else you notice? Other than the mess and wires.

(P/S : The Christmas wreath is still hanging above my head. *sigh* must change to plum blossoms liao.)