Saturday 4pm
Kids rushing to cathecism class which begins at 4.30pm

No. 2 son : Owwww…mommy, quick! Fill in this form.

5xmom : Find me a blue pen. Go change and get ready.
Pen in hand, form in hand.

No. 2 son : Die lah, die lah, teacher said needs my baptism certificate also.

5xmom : Got extra copies, in the safe, go take.

5xmom begins to fill form.

Name of child : M______

Age : 13 years

DOB : 28 August 1992


Mother’s name : C________

Occupation :

5xmom : Oi, M, dunwan to fill occupation can ah? What is my occupation? KPC?

No.2 son : Aiyah, give me la, let me write

No. 2 son filled in homemaker. 5xmom sighed, whatever la.

Religion : Catholic

Father’s name : L_______

Occupation : *wrote down job title*

Religion :

5xmom : Oi, what is your religion, uncle?

5xdad lepak on couch, reading paper

5xdad : Aiyah…cincai la (cincai = anything la)

5xmom : No religion name cincai la, cin cai market got a lot la (cincai = Mandarin meaning green vegetable)

No. 2 son and brothers urging : Faster la, otherwise late already

5xmom : Nah, your father la, ask him religion, he tak tau (don’t know)

5xdad : *grumble, grumble* Put multi-religion la

5xmom : You want my sons to get kick out of class ah? Cannot play-play wan.

5xmom proceeded to fill in what the identity card stated.
Buddhism for 5xdad.

5xdad, voice booming : I believe in ____

(sorry cannot reveal, I shall leave it to everyone’s guess)

P/S : Seriously, 5xdad has the most sensible thinking where religion is concerned. There are only a handful of people like him. I admire people like him. He doesn’t get agitated when people say anything about his faith. He doesn’t get overly protective over his faith. He doesn’t feel the need to proclaim his faith. Though he doesn’t try to get to know any religion very closely, he has his own principles. He often jokingly challenges me whether God created man or men created God. He supports me and my desire to follow Jesus. He whole-heartedly permits all his sons to be baptised as Catholics. He bought me gifts with Christianity themes like expensive gold crosses, beautiful crystal cross with Amazing Grace, bookmarks, paintings, the Last Supper and plenty of children Bibles for the kids. And he faithfully remembers to go to the Tua Pek Kong temple to pray every 8th moon, 15th day (Mooncake festival) because he was ‘an adopted’ son of Tua Pek Kong, never fail, for the last 45 years. We can joke around with ‘your Lord Buddha and your Lord Jesus, your temple and your church’. He doesn’t mind when I have to make the choice to shift out his parents/grandparents altar to the temple after my conversion to Christianity. But don’t anyone try to get too smart with any religious quotes or too fanatic, he will shoot them down with one-liners, flat. And I will keep on praying that one fine day, Jesus may zap him and make him part of Him.