Check if you are an orang tua

There is a little boy out there in the blogsphere that needs spanking and sakai-ing (sakai – use the knuckles and knock on the head). Probably, I will also like to pinch him and pulas (pull) the ears. He has this rather nice blog, which he does take time to write, research etc and he labelled me under the orang tua (old people) category of blogs. At first I send him a ‘nasty comment’ in his comment board,

WEI!!! You want to kena tiu ah? Label me orang tua. KNN. You wait ha, I catch you, I pulas telinga. Sumore I am going to tell doc you borrow his shin chan face liao. *changing back to ah soh mode* tks for popping by and tks for the honour.

lilian – January 29, 2005 03:34 PM

Then, he replied:

lilian: sorry lor ah po.. later i make jasmine herbal tea for you yah.. don scold me -_-‘. thanks for dropping by as well! haha
(ah po = grandma)

Replies – January 29, 2005 08:23 PM

But today, I return to his site again and notice that hey! I am so young after all! Because even the late 20s, (maybe) single and (sometime) available guys’ blogs also fall into the same category as me. So, guys and gals – go hack MunKit blog at

MG – you are auntie blogger, in case you don’t know. *muahahaha*

* orang tua:

:- lilian chan
:- fire angel
:- drliew’s tornado
:- auntie blogger
:- michael’s heavenly’s blog
:- mdm mafia’s blog
:- mr. buaya 69

5xmom singing Pretty Woman and signing off.