CNY and Perhentian

Sept. 1986 – 5xmom went to Perhentian with *ahem* to be ex-bf, new few days old bf and a bunch of auditors (psstt…auditors and accountnuts are dead boring, boys and girls, never marry someone who works, eats, sleeps accounts, damn sien/boring lor).
Perhentian has no water supply, no electricity, no lodging except for one old bungalow. Beaches = virgin. Journey from Penang to KualaT = some 10 hours. Boat ride = 2.75 hours in a sampan. Weather = stormy. Feeling = top of the world. Car = Honda Civic 2nd generation which 5xmom stole from brother without his permission.

New bf boasted to 5xmom : I was born under the coconut trees, by the seaside. Oh yeah, this guy almost dead on the boat ride due to seasick. He retorted : I never lie to you what, I said by the seaside, not in the middle of the sea. 5xmom was contemplating kicking him off the sampan (fishing boat) after so much vomitting. Malu-fied (embarassed) mah, in front of to-be-ex-bf somemore what. But bf made up for this malu-fying situtation by climbing a coconut tree to pluck coconuts for 5xmom for drinking water.

January 2005 = 5xmom going to Perhentian (still making travel arrangements) with ATM and 4 kids in tow. (Jolene – nyek, nyek, I am not going to reveal if bf is ATM, not yet). Plan to leave this coming Saturday and return, as and when we feel like it. We are NOT going to celebrate CNY. ATM has been nice to me. I had been feeling the blues, packing up my old house, spending every night there, clearing things. Many of them belongs to Vincent. So, I have absolutely no mood to celebrate it this year. BTW, Vincent did spent one CNY with us in year 2002 and he subsequently contracted some infections and died in May 2002. (I guess I never forgive myself for exposing him to so many people.)

So, we are escaping to the East Coast. If Perhentian has no room, we are going to hide in Kelantan, where there is least Chinese. Will 5mom get the deja vu feelings this time?

P/S : 5xdad is going to sponsor the catering of food for the outlaws gatherings (BIG crowd) and also forward in advance his fat angpows to all the grandnieces and nephews. Nope, we are not trying to run away from giving angpows. 5xmom will bake as many butter and fruitcakes as time permits and give to the outlaws too. Nope, 5xmom is not anti-outlaws.

Anyone with Perhentian travelling tips, please share? I had been to Redang with kids before, even snorkelling for 5 long days. Travelling with kids is sap-sap-water (easy) to us. But I wonder what is Perhentian like right now? After yikes, almost 20 years!

BKworm very Chinese-y CNY mood had stirred up an opposite effect in me. Hence, the mood swings posting.