When 5xmom goes lingerie shopping…

Nowadays, the ladies undergarments (to put it nicely) follow the fashion of the season. With CNY around the corner, one sees CNY theme and since Valentine is usually very near CNY, the supermarkets are displaying them real red and bright at the top of escalators. Even blind people cannot miss them because they will probably grope-grope, raba-raba their way around and found those spongy bras and go….oi, ini tetek siapa pulak (whose boobs is this)? It is that prominent. You can’t miss them.

So, when you have a bunch of giggly boys tagging along in a supermarket, this is what happens:

Few days ago in Tesco:
Son (sorry he warned me not to reveal his identity but allows me to blog it)
Son : Mommy, look, camouflage bra and panties.
This son has a penchant for things related to war. He has read everything related to WWI and WWII, played all the Battlefield & etc, assembled model warship, own camouflage pencil case, pen, notebooks, caps, pants, shirts, bolster and pillow case etc. (camouflage = those green/black patchy colours uniform worn by soldiers)
5xmom : So? (indignant mah ‘cos she is in the mood for grocery shopping only)
Son : Buy lah…
Another son overheard the conversation. This one is with very loud voice, like Rod Stewart that type.
Other son : Mommy, buy the soldier pok-pok koh and nen-nen sa (Hokkien dialect for panties and bras).
5xmom turned beet red because whatever blurted out in Hokkien always sound vulgar. But she said:
5xmom : What for? You want me to wear that and run around the house with you play guns and soldiers ah?
Suddently, realising how funny it is, whole family went crackling and laughing like hyenas.

While in the mood of laughing, 5xdad suddenly pointed out to those purple, marroon, green, red cheap-cheap satin, lacey nighties. And he went:
5xdad : Haaaaaa….wah….sui lor (beautiful), buy, buy *and make humsup face*
5xmom hissed (only 5xdad can hear) : CB, you think I am Haadyai keh (koay/chicken/pros) ah?
(Note : Ei, 5xdad bought Marks & Spencer ones as gift, ok?)

Today in Parkson Grand:
Do you all notice how ‘hot’ g-strings are?
(dunno what is g-strings? Click here for a sample of an edible one. Don’t tell my kids about it ‘cos they like candies.)
Guess what my 8 yrs old said?
8 yrs old : Aiyoh mommy, look, the panty looks like eye patch only.
When everyone starts laughing, his mind go on overdrive.
8 yrs old : Wah, I can use the strings and do rocket launcher (he was referring to bow and arrow kinda thing)
12 yrs old: Why want to put a patch in front, why not just use strings and tie enough?
12 yrs old blink-blink and realise what the patch is for.
He said : Oh, cannot hor, if use only strings, it run inside the pok-pok.(pok-pok = pet name for ‘down there’)

In another section, sons shouted : LOOK, MOMMY, LILIAN, your bra, buy lah. (Lilian is the brandname of some economical underwears.)
Both echo : Got your name wan, you must buy.
Before anything happens, 2 yrs old toddler already grabbed one black bra, place it on his head and run. Short stubby legs can run real fast. Brothers chasing him, so he took the bra and start to ‘nen-nen’ (breastfeeding motion). Thank goodness, it is a working day in Penang today and there are very few shoppers.

*sigh* Have I told you that I HATE shopping?