K.O. by a little white pill

I had something big to blog today but it fizzled out because of one tiny pill. Last night, I was IM-ing Twinsmom :
5xmom : 2molo I no free ha, you help jaga forum and my blog
(hahaha, we help each other to watch out if anyone comes by and shit)
Twinsmom : Why? Go phak-tor (dating) with ATM ah?
5xmom : Nole, I got 100 saugages to sell
Twinsmom : Aiyoh, where you find 100? Your ATM one plus your four boys, only 5 mah?
5xmom : Seriouslah, I do charity la. My sons’ secondary school got Canteen Day. We prepare the food, the children buy and then, all money go to charity.
Twinsmom : You sell or your kids sell?
5xmom : Give chance la, my kid only 12 yrs old, how to sell 100 sausages to the whole school. Psst….maybe I go there, can meet hensem gurubesar mah (headmaster)
Twinsmom : You jialat (bad), you go khau leng-zhai (flirt with handsome young thing – HYT) ah?
5xmom : Keep quiet lah, I go cuci-mata mah, whole day see computer monitor sien wor. Only can see that Buaya’s kuku, Doc’s dragon, Jason’s bruised hand and Munkit wanted face only, sien wor (boring).

After cooking 100 BBQ hotdogs, slot them 2 by 2 into bags, I woke up this morning at 6 am with a cold and my toddler with a fever. I too clever pop one anti-histamine pill hoping that I wouldn’t sneeze so much but ended up groggy the whole morning and afternoon. There goes khau leng-zhai gurubesar tale because my son and his classmates took over the selling duty. (BBQ hotdogs sold out, btw)

This reminds me of my relationship with doctors:
0-17 years : Never consult doctors because no money

18-21 years : Consult doctors often because already working. Medical expenses covered by company. So, looking for MC was my mission in life then. I utilised every one of my 16 days MC entitlement. Trick to get 16 days MC? We had this one old apek humsup (lustful), err….let’s call him ‘someone in the medical line’ person. You want MC? Sap-sap the water (easy), he would insist checking your heart, take the stetescope and ‘phap’ on your breast chest. If you unbutton one or two buttons for him, your MC is signed! Back then, who cares about that few minutes of medical examination when you can get the day off to do something ‘meaningful’?

22yrs -mid 30s : More matured, no more messing around with humsup apek. If humsup apek dare to do any stunts like that, I will see that his license is gantung (revoked).

So, anyway, sorry that I had been missing from visiting some of your blogs. And I haven’t got a chance to reply the comments in mine. Hopefully, if I have a few more good laughs, preferably doctor related, my cold will be over soon. Now, I don’t need doctors for simple cough and cold. Just a good laugh will do.

Yipee, I am going to Kelantan/Perhentian this Saturday. Reservation confirmed. So, real busy with many things. E.g. who to hamster and fish sit for our menagerie, who to forward the angpows, arranging catering for the outlaws (I was supposed to cook for them), get necessary life vest, lotions for the trips etc etc. Not to mention, blog as many blogs as I can before the long hiatus.