Bubble popper

Keaukina of the United States often drop by my blog for some cultural exchange. It is nice to be connected with other bloggers all over the world. I found something interesting (at least to me) from her blog. Do check out the link and go pop those bubbles. Turn on your speakers real loud and hopefully, it replaces those firecrackers sound we are so familiar with during CNY. BTW, I used to work in a jewellery factory and packing jewelleries into those bubble-wrap for export was my job. So, this is sort of like being 18 yrs old again.

To save typing, here’s what Keaukina blogged:
The Sealed Air Corporation, which makes Bubble Wrap (registered trademark, but I don’t know how to type the little-r-in-a-circle), has a page on the website about Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, too. Bubble Wrap in various colors is the focus at this website, which is also appreciating the product, but the most fun Bubble Wrap webite is the Virtual Bubble Wrap site, where you can pop “virtual Bubble Wrap”, and listen to the realistic Bubble-Wrap-being-popped sounds! It’s oddly satisfying and addictive– almost like real Bubble Wrap. It’s a Shockwave Flash online game, and there is a link to download free Macromedia Flash Player, if you need it.