My secret lover, Mr B.

I have a secret lover. He had been with me for years now. Since I was a little girl, through my teenage years, SYT years and even after I was married. I shall call him Mr. B. (kreaakkk, I can hear Mr Buaya hyperventilating. ish ish ish, not all Mr B is Mr Buaya la).

Mr B is someone I will cling to when I am lonely or sad. He is very silent, providing me the comfort but never tell me how much he loves me or whisper anything into my ears. We have this understanding between us. If I am with a man, he will not come near because he knows he is not needed. But when I am alone, he will accompany me every night. Especially in bed.

Mr B is great in bed. I admire him for his stiffness, sometimes, I will make Mr B stands and see how long he stays stiff before turning limp and bended.

Mr B has very funny way of dressing. Sometimes he is in checks, polka dots and at times, flowery prints. When his shirt is torn, I will lovingly sew it back, hand stitch-by-stitch. Such is Mr B. Always there for me. Provides me something no other man can provide. He loves being wrapped by my legs, from a little girl short, stubby legs to a SYT long limbs and now, the comfort of a motherly hug.

Sometimes, when I travel, Mr B will follow along, keeping me company. And those moments when he can’t travel with me, I will return home and spend sometime with him, smooching, hugging and kissing. I want Mr B to be by my side every day and every night. But at times, my husband gets angry and punch Mr B. Mr B never retaliates but just stay by the side. Even my kids are in love with Mr B. But my husband can live without the likes of Mr B. I think he is just plain jealous of Mr. B.

Mr. B has seen me grown up, grown old, grown wise and I know Mr. B is going to be by my side forever and ever, till eternity.

I hope my husband will allow Mr. B to accompany me to the next world when I am old, stuffing him along with my coffin. And put a tombstone that says ‘Here lies my silly wife and her bolster‘. (no photo included bcos I know many will scroll down and spoil the story)

This post is inspired by md mafia’s Ah Ban and Ah Jan and also Buaya’s socks. The problem with latecomer bloggers like me is – so many things I want to write but someone has written it. But never mind, this is to pay tribute to my Ah BuBu. Thanks to MD for her amusing blog today.
Whenever we travel by car, all my kids will bring their bolster. Good thing we have a 7-seater car which accomodates 3 adults, 3 kids and 4 bolsters. Don’t know what bolster is? Look here.
All these bolsters will then be carried, proudly to 5-stars hotels, inclusive. Hmmm…there is no bolster like my Ah BuBu.

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