Sick men who are babies

If 5xmom is sick – Life as normal. Get fever, take panadol. Get body aches cannot solve by panadol? Take painkiller. No appetite? Eat Maggi asam laksa.

If kids are sick – Life as normal. See doctor, take the necessary medicines prescribed. No appetite, less eating. Can compensate when they are well.

But…..if 5xdad is sick, this is what happen:
*moan, moan, groan, groan, whine, whine*

  • Go to ER of Hospital Lam Wah Ee. Even for very minor illness. Because he is blood donor and he gets free medical consultation. (Not that he needs free consultation ‘cos the whole family’s medical expenses are fully covered.)

*moan, moan, groan, groan, whine, whine*

  • Demand porridge, and not just any porridge, must be plain porridge. Preferably with some sweet potatoes. (what he get? Roll eyes from 5xmom)

*moan, moan, groan, groan, whine, whine*

  • Demand some back rub, reflexlogy

*moan, moan, groan, groan, whine, whine*

  • Demand cooling teas, not too sweet, not too hot, it has to be just….right (sounds like Goldilocks and the three bears?)

*moan, moan, groan, groan, whine, whine*

  • Demand total solitute, not to be disturbed.

*moan, moan, groan, groan, whine, whine*

*sigh* Some men are such babies when they are a little ill. But if they are really sick, then, they acted macho pulak. Like ‘Hey, I am made of steel’ and refuse to go to the hospital. Once, 5xdad got mumps and was real obstinate and stubborn. In the end, his infection got bad and ended up in the hospital because mumps virus can attack the testicles (ouch!)

Conclusion – Men are so damn difficult to please. Especially, if their moms had pampered them too much when they were babies. In my parenting forum, we had compared notes and found that generally, men are like that. They fall into either one of the category – the babies or the Rambo. Both are equally hard to please.

Know anyone like that?

(P/S : Nope, 5xdad is not sick, just that I better blog this before someone beats me to it. Eg Twinsmom)

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