Happy Reunion

At the time I am blogging this, most probably all the Chinese are having their reunion dinner. May everyone have a happy reunion with your loved ones. And to those who have no reason to be happy or have no one to re-unite with, never mind, be happy anyway. No one can make you sad unless you choose to.

(Reunion dinner – On the eve of Chinese New Year, all the families will get together to have dinner together. This meal is the most important one in the whole year. Sort of like Christmas Eve, only much more elaborate, more food, more noises.)

Just got home about 1 hr ago and am going out to have dinner with the kids. Then, I will be baking cakes, as many as I can bake within tonite so that I can bring them to my siblings and siblings-in-law home. *sigh*, no time to blog and show off my photos then.