Damn, where is my recipe?

“Where the hell is my recipe book?!?!?”
Rummaging through mountains of books.
“Damn, I don’t need a recipe book to live life, so why should I need a recipe book to bake a miserable, cholesterol-laden butter cake!?!?!?!”

5xmom got out the ingredients and as soon as the kids heard about mixing cake batter, all the extra pair of hands come in to kpc. As at time of writing, not sure what will turns out from the oven.

Moral of the story – I don’t feel particularly happy today, the first day of Chinese New Year. But who says I must be happy on this day? I had been happy on so many other days. A short email to Twinsmom last night:
I still no mood leh, not even after holiday. I am going to blog and whine it leh. Sei lar, tomolo got big gathering with the in-laws and I got no mood to go at all. Sei lar, sei lar. 3 am liao and I still can’t sleep. How leh?

Then, something finally dawn on me. Today is Ash Wednesday. It is suppose to be a day of fasting for Catholics but our Archibishop of Malaysia says we can pig out today and only fast on Friday. Nevertheless, Ash Wednesday to me is the ‘ashes to ashes, dust to dust’, you know the kind of things they say at funerals? It is also the beginning of Lent which means sob, sob things to hear at church. Oh, I dread being reminded that I am not immortal (Not subject to death).

So, here is to not so happy Chinese New Year to me. But hey, I am going out in a few minutes, visiting my siblings and siblings-in-law (the bane of being the youngests in the family, both ATM and I). Tong-tong-chiang, here I come with my 4 kids, getting 4 angpows and giving out maybe only 1 or 2 (hey, I make it up with bigger angpows from us). Woohooo!