Fitting in

All these chatters are in Hokkien.
“Wah, your hair colour so nice. Like angmoh cha bo.” (like caucasian woman)
“This blouse where you buy?” (pointing to spaghetti strap, with lace and flowery blouse)
“You thin liao.”
“I take this shark cartillage supplement.”
“Your daughter so big liao. Next year, got boyfriend liao.”
“Wah, you look nice in cheong sam”
“You got ligament problem izzit? They say use WD40, spray on your leg, can cure wor.”

Where was I in the middle of these conversations? No where. I am lost. I sat in a corner, sms-ing away. I am a social idiot. I had been married for 16 years, been in this family gatherings for the last 19 years and I still cannot fit in. Is something wrong with me? Am I being snobbish? I don’t think so. I usually wake up extra early to prepare food when my mother-in-law was around. Even when she had passed away, I still shoulder the responsibility of preparing food for the clans. A complete lunch with desserts, drinks and tidbits. But other than receiving compliments from the outlawsin-laws on the meals, I never have anything to chit-chat with them.

Probably if one or two of them can carry on a conversation about children’s health (and that means, sick see doctor and not seek medium, leg pain see doctor, not use WD40), the internet, blogs!!!!, I may find one or two persons to chit-chat with. Other than that? *sigh* I just don’t fit in.

So, what I would do is to stick close to my ATM, making people think I am a lovey-dovey wife who cannot be separated from the man. In Hokkien, we call it ba-leh-ko-liam (sticky like molasses). But then, I have lots of things to show off. Like my adorable kids. Nyek, nyek, nyek, no one else have kids as adorable as mine.

These photos are taken at my eldest sister’s home. The sister who spend time pitter-patter around the house, decorating it according to the season.

In conclusion – I am so glad I survived the first day of CNY. Now, I look forward to the 3rd day on 11th February 2005. I am inviting a few friends, a few relatives and anyone who are in the neighbourhood to drop by my house. Write to me at lilian@mymomsbest.com for directions.

Date : 11th February, 2005 – Friday
Time : Noon
Place : Somewhere along Jalan Air Itam and Green Lane junction.
(KS, Ee Yean, Andy? anyone else?)