Surviving CNY

Kids – Mommy!!!! We want to go back to civilisation!

5xmom – What’s wrong with this place?

Kids – Ants every where. Mosquitoes. Arrgggh…..Let’s go home!!!!!!

5xdad – *reading the paper as usual whilst poor 5xmom have to do the P.R. work*

5xmom – Isn’t it so peaceful here? Looks at the kids, they are so happy, running around the kampongs (village). They can ride bicycle anywhere.

Kids – So hot!!!!

5xmom – They have no worries, they don’t need cars. They got no mortgages. Enough to eat, happy liao. Not like you all, never satisfy with anything.

Kids – So boring, why didn’t you let us bring our PS2?

5xmom – How nice if we have a home here. I can live like this forever. But errmmm….must have internet broadband la.

Kids – You promise ha? Tomorrow we go back to civilisation ha?

5xmom – *grumbled, grumbled* Let you all stay in the most expensive resort hotel in Kota Bahru also you all complaint. Want to stay another day eating budu (some fermented fish) and nasi kerabu (rice with herbs) also kenot. Why you all want to go back to lousy Penang for CNY? We hide here la. I ask papa to compensate the angpows money for you all? Double, triple the amount you expected also nvm.


And that’s how my trip was cut short. My kids whom had been to almost every islands, every hill resorts, every holiday destinationS in Malaysia and a few countries overseas found Kota Bahru ulu (rural). Cis! I fall in love with the simplicity of the village folks’ lives. I marvel at the happy faces of the school children who ride home from school. Unlike in my stupid Penang, where the parents fought with each other with their cars, on the road to get nearest to the school gate or scrambling to carry their children’s school bags. Over there, the kids walked on their own.

I can spend days walking along the beaches, marvelling at the old coconut with their new sprout. Hey, I mean real coconuts ok? Like this one below?

But my kids can’t. I had grown up in a small kampong like the ones I visited in Kota Bahru. I had enjoyed every bit of my childhood there (Bayan Lepas, Penang). But why can’t my kids? Why do they find living even in a resort hotel with all the facilities like swimming pool, air-con, good food unbearably uncomfortable? Because they are spoilt. By who? Me? I hope not. Here’s a bunch of bored faces, cannot wait to return to civilisation.