Taking the leap

*Those marked in blue are stories on their own. Jumpy condition, do not drink and read.*

We reached Kuala Besut at 1.50 pm and were expecting to stay put in some smallish motel for the night because I take heed of Pok Ku and Viewtru advices of not crossing to the Perhentian Island in the late afternoon due to choppy seas. The boat schedule was 12 noon followed by the last one at 4.30pm (which I am not risking to ride)

But luck was on our side because there was an unscheduled boat leaving at that very moment. So, we dumped everything from the car into the trolley for the ferryman (no, I am not talking about Jeff Ooi’s Mandarin blog) to transfer them to the boat while my ATM do the necessary registration, parking the car etc. I went ahead to the boat with my 4 kids, threw my toddler over to the ferryman and was ready to jump in. Ferryman is a nice young Malay lad, carrying my toddler who was about burst into tears in the arms of a stranger. 5xmom’s swat team reflex actions in motion. Folded up jeans, threw slippers into boat, give instructions to eldest kid to watch younger brothers and told younger kids to wait for me to catch from the other side. The boat had about 6 Caucasians young people and another elderly couple was joining them. But….

Cut!” ala filem direktor
*swat music jadi flat tyre*

“Oi, terlalu banyak orang. You ada cukup life-jackets kah? Tunggu dulu, biar saya cakap dengan Jimmy (resort boss who is 5 mins. walk away) dulu. Tak boleh macam ini, overload. Bahaya tau?” (translated as : WTF, I am not going to risk my wife, kids and my precious lives on this boat.)

This pic was taken ‘cos 5xmom found something to blog. The undie of the ferryman! He was wearing Winnie the Pooh’s underwear and Pooh was peeking out to say hello to my kids. ROTFLMAO but cis, my timing was not right.

5xmom – Oh marn, still got seats mah. Go lah, if not we kena stay in this little pekan, die la.
5xkids – *chanting* Go lah, go lah
5xtoddler -*big tears welling in the eyes*
5xmom – *thinking to herself* Die la, the whole bunch of matsallehs are going to kill us for delaying their trip.

Filem direktor grumbling and cussing. Accountnut’s brain working out the total weight of the humans vs. the horse power of the boat vs. the momentum vs. the friction vs. the probability of a tsunami storm on a hot afternoon vs. cost of refund vs…….

5xmom – *more thinking to herself* Scared what? Only half hour ride, boat so big. Anyway, my God will protect us. Jesus loves calming storm. If got storm, baru chiqik mah. My Lord will appear from nowhere and tell me, “Why are you so afraid, you of little faith?” (Matthew 8:26)

It was a thrilling boat ride with huge foamy waves at the back of the boat. The boat went up and down like a roller coaster sometimes. And awwww…marn, the ferryman/navigator or whatever you call a person who ‘drive’ a boat told me to sit next to him, on his seat (while he stand). He said “Miss, duduk sini kasi bot balance. (sit here to balance the boat)” If he had not called me Miss, I would have bashed him and threw him into the sea. But then, being called Miss and given the seat of honour, next to a tall, dark, moustache, young, seaman is digestible. Then again, how can one of me balance 6 huge Caucasians?!?!?!

And finally, toddler saved the situation. He went ‘mamaaaaaa!!! boooooohhooooo!!!’.

And everyone had no choice but to jump in.

5xmom’s principles in life.

  • Trust God.
  • Trust instinct.
  • Aware of dangers but willing to take risk.
  • Place children’s safety above all else but one can never be safe enough.
  • Know what is foolish but differentiate what is adventure.
  • Jump first, think later.

Hope no keyboards are damaged while reading this. BTW, if you are reading my previous blogs, click the comment even if it shows 0 comments. Not sure why but it always show 0 even when there are comments. Not going to bother much about it ‘cos I am moving, moving, movable whatever.

Dunno what is SWAT? This is SWAT, 5xmom’s mimpi mya kerja. (dream job)

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