Rare photo of 5xmom family

Hahaha, from now on, 5xmom must tune her blog properly dy. Her bunch of nephews and nieces may be watching. They are here today for gathering at my place and how can I not show off my very *ahem* popular blog? And not to mention my ‘once a year wonderful good food like mom used to cook’.

Since it is the Chinese New Year, I kasi tunjuk muka sikit, ok? (show my face) Here it is. You don’t know which one is 5xmom? She is the one who just ran out of the kitchen, sweating, minus Par paint (make-up), white t-shirt with my two handsome sons. Guess which one is the very handsome (cough, cough, cough) 5xdad?

My siblings are very much older than me ‘cos I am an accidental child. Eldest bro is 13 yrs older than me. The two pretty women sitting on the sofa are my #2 sis (10 yrs older) and my eldest sis (14 yrs older). The Andy Lau look-alike behind me is my nephew Dr. Goh. The purple blouse girl next to him is my niece. If you need a Panadol or birth control pill, go buy from her at Mines Guardian. On the far right is my eldest sil and my niece.