I stole children’s angpows

I feel the desperation of being broke today. I did not check my wallet before going out to church. When I reached the church, there was some people selling books. I found two titles on sex and teenagers which I wanted to buy badly and decided to buy them after mass. We have collections during mass whereby a bag is passed around for us to drop any amount of money inside. Usually, I just drop a couple of bucks as I am really not earning a sen, right? So, when the bag reached me, I took out my wallet and found a LOT of papers inside. *sigh* Tesco’s RM1 vouchers x 7 pieces, credit cards slips, receipts and one RM50 note.

The bag is held by the warden (I think that’s name of the persons who volunteer to go around?) and it was right in front of my nose. I hesitated. And hesitated. Do I take that RM50 and drop it? And left me no money at all? What if I got caught by the errr…’authorities’ for running a red light and I have no money to belanja kopi? Then, I will be in deep shit. I like the security of having at least RM20-RM30 in my wallet whenever I am driving.

Pulling in a deep breath, I put in my last ringgit. I want to be like the widow Jesus mentioned in the Bible. The widow who gave away her last coin. Ha ha ha, not exactly, I am a damn rotten person because God says if you give, give quietly, not even your right hand knows what your left hand give. But here I am, telling the internet world I donated money wor. Like very big deal like that. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Lilian, go stand in a corner.

That’s not my point. Towards the end of the mass, Father Joe Stephen of St. Francis Xavier Church of PJ told us about his book. (will blog about it after I read it). I want to buy, I want to buy. But dey, I have no more money.

So, I became the wicked woman. I stole two angpows which I was supposed to give to my children’s godsisters. I used the money to buy the book because I am afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it after Father Joe Stephens returned to PJ. And told the girls that I will hutang (owe) the angpows and give them before CNY is over. That made me a thief of children’s angpows.

Earthtone and Twinsmom – errr…did two of you asked me whether I got anything good to blog after church? Is this good enough? Oklah, I am not so bad la. I gave several unexpected angpows to uncles and aunties and that’s why I was short of angpows. And I gave to John too and told him I love him. Somemore, I am now practising Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in my choir. Wah…you all must come to Penang and listen to Bart playing the organ and 5xmom singing. We rocks, right Bart?

10 thoughts on “I stole children’s angpows

  1. i was in that kind of situation once too… during the time when i still attended church.

    offering bag under my nose liao. only had rm51 in my wallet. rm50 being one note.

    something made me give the rm50. nevermind if no $$$ left for breakfast/lunch later. God will provide.

    so the rm50 went into the offering bag & i was left with the rm1… & a sense of bewilderment whether i was doing the right thing or not.

    then for breakfast & lunch, orang belanja. 😀

  2. Wah! ‘The bag’ goes around means ‘must’ donate one ah? What kind of church is that? No loose change means must donate whole note? Next time don’t forget to bring coins. Hutang first, next time donate double also cannot?

    Your scissor is getting bigger. I’ve asked Paul to install MT-Blacklist for you. Soon you’ll have the ultimate shadowless scissor legs to snip snip unfavourable comments.

    As for character limit on your comment, I think it’s limitless or at least not as lame as haloscan.

    Remember, this is your own webspace. You’ve paid for it. Only you have the right to free speech here. All other comments will need to pass through your scrutiny. Because every single character that they type is eating up your storage space. If anyone ever has the face to complain about their comment being censored and they have no right to free speech, ask them to put their head into their own toilet bowl and shout out loudly while flushing hard.

    Congratulations to having your own domain and happy blogging!

    And now it’s time for me to claim my one year free hosting from Paul for helping out his client to set up her own webspace. :PbPbPb

  3. “Wah…you all must come to Penang and listen to Bart playing the organ and 5xmom singing. We rocks, right Bart”
    Yer..so kelong one. You ask Bart Bart sure say good mah.

    The aircon here very cool, I like. And the colour very in the mood,…and the first entry of the blog in your new house? I love it 🙂

    Erm…where’s the toilet har..? ai bang jio.
    oh no need er..heheh..bang liao.

  4. hai yar, at least you open the ang-pao for book, I open the ang-pao for gambling! lagi teruk, but anyway my girls’s surname is Chin (qian–money) mah, so don’t take from their ang-pao, take whose? (tak malu, took already lagi banyak excuse :P)

  5. Hey there Lilian, What a nice day for moving blog. Congrats, you made it here. Its a lovely blog and I’m looking forward to more great content from you. I so many days cannot blog, summore got no 555 book with me… now see your new blog, tak boleh tahan adi, maybe I go blog now. Hahaha. Anyway, just wanted to drop by here first to attend your blog warming. Hehe. Maybe you should put up some lion dance and fire crackers pics to “hoy cheong” (open ceremony).

  6. Wah, so many visitors. Happy happy. But I cannot put up my red carpet ‘cos got technical problems. ish!
    ET – bang jio must pay money orh. See doc’s advice?
    Doc – damn honoured you drop by and give good advices leh. *tabik* Tai Koh
    MrsT – good to see you coming all the way from overseas.
    Lynee – Ya, that’s what I told myself.
    Oh ya Doc, no one force us, we give ‘cos we got plenty to give away. Just that people like me damn want face water, no money also want to give for face water. Bad examples.

  7. MG – I must thank the painter who painted the walls and columns. Who is also the mover.
    1+2 – TQ (serving tea and tidbits)
    Twinsmom – The angpows not for my kids orh. Suppose to give away one.

  8. I also wanna lau juak chi hun lah! Even though already conveyed the congrats message in the earlier post. Congrats on your new cyberhome.
    Now pls blog more moRE MORE!!!

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