Valentine’s Day

*Verses taken from the Christian Community Bible
LOVE – St. Valentine’s Day is 2 days away. D0 you know what it signifies? Read some history here. Though I never give much thought about this day in recent years, I did write a pretty good blog the other day under Prelude to Valentine’s Day.

LOVE – to me is not merely limited to man/woman LOVE for each other, the kind where lust and sex is involved. Over the years, I realised that I can LOVE many other people, of different sex, background and all. It is not difficult to LOVE one’s siblings, parents, children, husbands, LOVErs etc because it is expected of you and is natural. But it is hardest when you LOVE someone whom do not fall into these categories. For e.g. I LOVE the moms whom I know through my support groups. I LOVE them for the dedication and devotion for their children, whether healthy, perfect ones, critically ill or deceased.

LOVE – I had also written something on Risky Love and now, when I read back what I wrote in December, I do have great pride for my own outlook on LOVE.

LOVE – married couples and dating couples, do you foresee your LOVE to endure like this old couple? I snapped this beautiful shot in Pantai Cahaya Bulan in Kelantan in February 2005. They look so contented, holding hands and LOVING.

So, are you ready for LOVE?

I am. I LOVE several people dearer than the rest. So, on this upcoming St. Valentine’s Day, I would like to tell them that I LOVE them. (probably I watched too many Barney shows.) Bloggers, visitors to my blogs, my dear, dear members of MyMomsBest, grief support group, Yahoo msianursingmom, Premie group, everyone I know personally or online. I LOVE one special mom, Kah Shin (baby Ryan’s mom). I LOVE Twinsmom (must say or else she will not help me to kick butts with her shadowless kicks). Someone whom I fondly call Vincent’s fav. doc. And especially all those guys and gals who were there for me when I need them. You know who you are, right?

Though St. Valentine’s Day is sort of Christian based, let us look above it and use February 14th as a special day to tell all those who matters to us, we LOVE them. We should say LOVE more often but let’s not NOT say it on February 14th. Won’t you say you LOVE me too?

P/S : This will be my last blog at Blogspot, so I am being extra mushy.
I am moving to a bigger, better, self-financed domain at www.chanlilian.net. Please don’t pop the champagne yet until the official date. On February 14th.

5 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. pantai cahaya bulan used to be known as pantai cinta berahi… until those PAS ppl renamed it.


    guess it was too steamy for them to handle… hot hot.

  2. can borrow the photo or not to share with hubby. hubby the type that – show me the example lah then i can follow .


  3. Lynee – Yalor Beach of Passionate Love. Wah…so big, can love for few kilometers hor?
    Mua – please, please feel free to take it. Anyone can take it as long as they remember who it is from – 5xmom. Thanks for dropping by.

  4. I would like to share this lovely Valentine message that I received last night…

    May you remember and hold close to your heart the best and truest love of all … the love of Jesus our Lord and Saviour

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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