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Welcome to 5xmom’s new home

Everyone, please come in and help me to keep this place cosy. Drop me a comment, please……Tell me that you are here.

It is an auspicious day to move house today because we are celebrating love. And I hope to spread a little love all around with my blogs. Mostly, love for your kids. But then, auntie super-duper kaypoh (busybody) so every subject also can write.

Here’s a toast to

33 Responses to “Welcome to 5xmom’s new home”

  1. Kihkihkih. Auntie Lilian’s new love-nest.



  2. Very lovely place. Congratulations on your new home !! Happy Valentine’s Day !

  3. Oi, say properly hor? Dunwan people think senget, I susah to explain to my atm wor. He thinks I got blog for wrong purpose, die liao. No more computer, no more broadband.

  4. Congratulations to you on your new home. Very difficult to find la. Have to ask security guard then only know which lift to take! Lol!

  5. wah… have to sing in guest book wor, fai-di fai-di…tsk! still No. 5 or more, tsk!

  6. I am here !!
    Happy Valentine’s Day !

  7. Jason is back!
    Jason is here!
    Jason cheers!

    “Yammmmmmmmmm Seng~!”

  8. Hi auntie lilian CONGRATS! lovely site u have here – especially the colour 🙂 can I link ur new home to mine? 😛 btw Happy Valentines’ Day~

  9. Congrats Lilian!…kikiki very romantic woh…hope u’ll get to be 6xMom soon…:P:P

  10. Wah new home eh?
    Congratulations, Lilian!!

  11. I wish you….burst your web traffic limit and have to upgrade soon… 🙂

  12. Hi lilian, happy valentine’s day!
    anne was here 🙂

  13. wah… so nice. made me feel so loving. brb, call fiancee first. 😛

  14. dS – I consider my mission accomplished! dS calling dGF.
    Anne – aww…thanks for the books! My kids love it!
    ET – why you so like dat? Say you love me la.
    Papi – what have you done for mami?
    katsmew – want also kenot liao.
    Yingci – Thank you.
    Jason – Yamx10SengX10
    Twinsmom – Love you!
    KS – Very nice hor, my new home? Not only got security, now Doc says got bulldog too. Can bite people wan.

  15. Keong Hee Keong Hee…
    Nice cozy cyberhome you have here. Happy Valentines!

  16. wah, karer so lomantic wan. buaya’s eyes blur blur liao 😆

  17. Congrats on the move, have updated my link, but why so ugly one 😉

  18. Congrats Aunt Lilian. cheers. unc hanyi 🙂

  19. i’m here 😛

  20. Congratulations on the successful move. May the site grow ever more prosperous and well known through the year. Hehe chose Valentines day to move 😉

  21. Ah… flowers!!!!

  22. Hi Lilian,
    many cheers for your new web home!! I very rarely leave comments for the lack of interesting things to say but I certainly enjoy reading your blog. God bless!

  23. all the best for the new domain !

  24. Mike – tks!
    Mrs. B – I am so, so touched with your visit! *sniff, sniff* I told someone on IM that MRS. B came and I feel so loved. Praise God.
    KK- you allergic or you forget to order? I snap the flower in Youth Park, Penang. You can go pluck from there.
    Kervin/Mun Kit/Hanyi – Thank you! *hand out XO*
    ST – Tks! If you find it ugly, it is a compliment then.
    Buaya – Yes, Buaya is the man, can feel the mood. Mrs B is so lucky.
    momof – Drop by often.

  25. Hi Auntie Lilian!
    I’m here! =)

  26. I can’t believe i’m this late 😛 Hope got some food left

    Congrats on the new domain thingie !

  27. Hi Eileen – drop by often. I will write about your dad soon. Good ones, ok? So that you can know a little about the past.
    Jx2 – Food? No food left. Help to clean up can la.

  28. Hi, lilian!!
    Here to tell you I visit your blog every now and then for motherly stories 😀

  29. Me too,me too,I’m here!!

  30. Eh, no lah. I visit your blog quite regularly one and drop by Twinsmom, Mumsgather, Pok Ku and a couple of others too.
    I was at Vincent’s blog as well and I really marvel at your strength to pull yourself and the family through. I thought that Vincent was one of the cutest baby I ever saw, he looked so cheeky there. There has to be a reason for everything and our God certainly knows our future. Agape,

  31. Congrats on your new home. Heyyy… I like what you’ve done to the walls. 🙂

  32. good work, nice work and keep it up

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