It’s a small, small, world

Come everybody, let’s sing!
Sing that sickening song that goes on and on at playgrounds, children’s ride, musical toys, bleargh!
It’s a small, small world.
Whoever click the link provided, you are a nerd!

I had been discovered. I am in deep shit. Now I do wonder if I can strut out of my house looking so very Ah Soh and risk someone snapping my photo and blogged it. *shudders, shudders* No more batik nightdress, no more buy 1 get 1 free t-shirt, no more Tai Seng selipar (Mike, borrow ha), no uncombed hair that looks like pubic hair (I will deal with the guy who said this one day. Grrrr…)

One of my breastfeeding group member, Momof2 (neh….who reads most of your blogs?) actually recognised me in Gurney Plaza. And when I am shopping, sometimes, I have my nieces’s friends whom I used to ferry to school and my peminat-peminat *ahakahakahak* who came up to me and wish me. Believe me, it is scary and a humbling experience. But then, most of these occassions are from mothers who breastfeed or women who read about my son and some of my articles. So, birds of a feather is not so terrifying.

However, now I really died-ded. See some of the below comments I picked up from the comments board:

Scenario One – Perhentian Trip
I bitched about some very handsome guys and pretty girls and now? They are swarming my blog and threaten to blog about me in bikini, strolling on the beach with a pruney angmohkau (shhhh, don’t translate)! Here’s what they posted in my comment board:
1) muahahahhaah, guess who am I??? i’m just a passenger A.. (surfnux, all your fault la. but TQ)
2) next time meet need to give angpau liao (passenger B) *sweating*, blackmailing auntie ah?
3) noe who m i? kekee..the muntah muntah girl…after viewing ur blog i realised something, the world is really damn damn small…ur blog is really entertainning…keep it up man..i wanna read more of ur blogs… (Ok, this one I sayang ‘cos she is like my atm, so ‘charm’ vomit gang. I had wanted to ask you to go rest on the beach with my atm/hubby but scared he humsup. kikhkikhkikh)
4)u r the most IN auntie i have ever met…U ROCKS BABE !! (passenger C) (I guess you are the one with the blonde, standing hair hor?)

Addition : To all of you, if I blab too much, I am so, so sorry. I don’t mean it as a personal attack. I accept responsibility if I offended you, Dex.

Then, Scenario B – My family photo blog
I have drtamil who asked about my nephew. I replied to him – That one is Andy Lau, not sure if he is Dr Goh.

But today? KennyG (not the saxaphone player obviously) said he is my nephew’s colleague. Die liao, pecah tembelang. Leak secret.

*wiping cold sweat* Stay at home, also wrong. Go holiday also wrong. Because it is a small, small blog world.

Anyway, I do not mind showing my real self. So, if you see a certain Ah Soh, looking very stressed and very harried, with 4 sons, shouting KNN, MCB, WTF (hahaha, I swear I never swear in Hokkien or English, only Hainanese), just go and call her Miss Lilian.

7 thoughts on “It’s a small, small, world

  1. Its a sure is a small world.Nobody would know the person who reads your blog everyday would be your neighbour’s children.Ha!;) Somemore your blog so popular,sure lah your popularity sky rocketed.Now with actual pics…muahahaa…;)

    But then,i am still wondering whether that loh yet ling u mentioned was the one i know anot.

  2. Hi there again Lilian..
    just dropping by to say how much laughter and humour you’ve brought into my days lol.. reading your blog each day really cracks me up… I agree that the blogging world gets smaller each day. I’ve found countless old friends through it!

  3. couldn’t agree more. You know, my colleague cum carpool member … who is an ardent Buaya69’s fan … actually confronted me (a month ago) excitedly :

    “michael ! i didn’t know you have a blog !! and i never thought a person like you would actually keep a blog !!”

    small world indeed.

  4. Ei, can swear in Hainanese one meh? Next time we meet you must teach me.
    Eheheh, paiseh hor that time in Gurney Plaza. But I guess this is the price to pay for becoming one of the celebrity blogger. Ahaks! *Lilian kembang*

  5. You are not alone. You are surrounded. You can’t escape them. Your blog fans. Everywhere you go eyes are watching you. Everywhere…… in Penang, Pulau Perhentian, KL, Kuching…… At the butchers, at the pasar malam, at the neigbourhood “chai tiam mah” (grocers) you’d be wondering, “Aiyoh, dunno whether anyone recognise me or not. Better put on some make-up and comb hair, cannot go out with bedak sejuk and hair rollers anymore.” Next time Lilian go out must wear dark glasses adi. Scared or not? Muahahahaha….

  6. MG – Don’t scare me like dat la. I am nervous enough liao.
    Momof – actually I bluff la ‘cos I don’t know a single Hainanese
    Mike – Wah, Mike is coming out of his lair.
    Surfnux – good to get the circle wider
    Laura – Tks
    Jason – Err…I think I got wrong U la.

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