Take my breast away

What to you do when you are trapped on an island , with only sands to occupy the kids? (tips:read comments on link given) You build sand castle after sand castle after sand castle and …..you get the drift.

The island is very beautiful. The clear nights with sparkling stars, millions of them. Soft, powdery sand and the sound of the waves are enough to melt the hardest of hearts. And I suppose if you are a male and sitting with your mother-in-law, you may even get infected with the romantic mood. Look into mil’s eyes and you suddenly saw the beauty of the ogre or something.

But then, I was with 4 boisterous sons who are turning the whole beach upside down. Crabs were running away from home. Hermit crabs were leaving their borrowed shells. I was on the verge of jumping into the sea due to boredom. SMS saved me (read comments board).

So, in desperation, I suggested to my kids to build the human anatomy. I got the idea because they were burying each other into holes. I told them it will be freaky if they build human shapes instead of sand-castle on the beach. Imagine a row of bodies lying on the beach. Yeah, yeah, dumb woman. You think your sons are dull like you meh?

And here’s what they build. Which got my 3 kids and I into laughing fits. It had been real funny (5xdad and toddler gone to sleep liao). Imagine some 8 yrs old and young teens forming their ideal breasts shapes with the wet sands. They went from puberty to A cup to D cup to Pam A before her breast reduction.

After enough photo taking and laughing, I told them to ‘erase’ the evidence. I don’t want the bunch of Ah Bengs and Ah Lians (helloooo Passenger A, surfnux’s fren, you read this?) to think that I am a twisted woman who is teaching my sons to be sex maniacs.

And that’s how the song, Take my breath away came in. My #2 who had a small spade with him, scoop up the breast and sang,
Take my breast away…. *breast by breast he scoop*.
(can someone tell me whose song is that originally?)

And suddenly everyone said at the same time, “Mommy, blog, blog.”

P/S : It is a small world after all. I took a photo of my toddler looking bored and yikes, the handsome ah beng guys and pretty gals at the background whom I bitched about actually stumbled upon my blog! 5xmom is preparing to receive a lawyer letter liao. Sorry ha…Mr Red T-shirt and friends.

21 thoughts on “Take my breast away

  1. Lol.Take my breast away.The latest version Take my breath away was by Jessica Simpson.Orignal dunno who.:bpbpb Last time went to Pangkor also got nothing to do,but luckily the adults/drinkers got bring liquor,so kasih yamseng sama sama until 3am.imagine,tat time 19 years old drinking with 40+ adults..huhuh..syok giler!

  2. Whoaaaa, that so purrfect size mom. Maybe ur Jr. wanna show what the IDEAL size. Huhuhuhu just kidding… That sand dont hav silicon inside right??

  3. hey lilian! your trip looks fun!:) your kids are much better sculptures than me and my friends. we went to langkawi in 2003 and we could only manage a pathetic looking mermaid. with a very short torso! Well done kids and Lilian!!

    oh.. and congratulations on your new home;)

  4. Hi all
    I wish, I wish to have KLCC twin towers like that. Gravity defying peaks.
    Remember? I am a breastfeeding advocate (NGO to be exact) mah. So, I have to make breasts kids-friendly mah. So that next time, their wives will feed my grandkids with the best – breastmilk.

  5. ET – wait you get 4 kids, have to keep an eye that no one throw anyone sand in the eyes or stuff sea rambutan into each other shirt or pour sea water in the drinking water bottle or stay under the 12 noon hot sun without sun protection, watch toddler did not stuff his diaper with sand…… See you can say shiok or not?

  6. hehe. my very 1st comment at your *new* home.

    i first heard the song sang by Berlin, OST Top Gun movie — the actor, Tom Cruise =) now, Jessica Simpson nyanyi pulak.

    Tak sabarnya nak ada so many kids!

  7. itu song Berlin nyanyi mya.. but now jessica simpson also singing..

    AL itu your breast ka? why stuck together one, cacat one?

  8. MunKit – It baru call virgin nen-ne la. Cacat pulak. You never seen real one, how you know wor.
    md- i prefer hottest. hahahaha
    Buaya – like mother like sons
    Hazel – Nice tu nice juga, but sometimes, very leceh jugak

  9. Heh…you’re funny lah Auntie Lilian šŸ™‚
    Don’t worry…if you get into any legal problems…just tell me ok? If my little legal knowledge can’t help u..my dad can..heheh šŸ™‚

  10. wow if only you were myu mummy.. so if were to be a sex maniac (obviously i’m not one) i can simply say “MUMMY TEACH WAN!” wahahahahahha o0oo ;p

  11. Dear Lilian,
    You make my life less stressful.. especially in times like when Chloe is sick.. šŸ™‚ Thank you .. my dear.. šŸ™‚

  12. Pok Ku – Ada……Auntie sebesar penyu, terapung-apung di laut, laut apa tu? Snorkelling aje, not diving, tak ada chance nak cuba ‘cos anak keliling pinggang.
    Mrs T – Glad you find some laughs to cheer up.
    Penny – Clever girl.
    Cherry – Hahahaha, all of them are reading my blog now. Lesson learnt -don’t bitch too much ‘cos the world is very small.

  13. of course! so can i er.. claim u as mummy and when ppl ask “penny why u so hamsup wan?!” i’ll just answer “MUMMY TEACH WAN LAH!! :P” but i doubt it’ll happen.. cuz i so happen to be NOT hamsup.. don’t think i’ll ever be! *innocent smile*

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