Will blogging turn into cheating?

Every day and night, and even late at nights (like 3am), whenever I got a chance to be alone, I will be blogging, reading blogs or commenting on someone’s blogs. There is a certain connection you have with other bloggers after a while. Sort of like a relationship.

Most times, no one peer over my shoulder to see what I am typing because my kids had been trained not to peek over one’s shoulder. Bad manners, shoo, shoo! My atm either does not care or is a very understanding atm who gives me my creative cyberspace. (gosh, I dunno! He knows my URL but whether he reads my blog, is a mystery.) However, Chee does see. Chee sees every IM messages, email, forum blogging I type. He faithfully stays by my Windows. But I am glad he doesn’t tell my other half a single thing I type. He can’t. He is only a cicak (lizard). Say hi to CheeChak, everyone. It has stayed on my computer for several weeks liao. Growing bigger now. When it is big enough, I am going to either make sashimi, sushi, crispy fried cicak, kungpou or sambal tumis cicak.

Back to my main topic – lately, I observed that many bloggers who are married are slowly revealing their blogs to their spouse. Some tried to keep it a secret but I suppose after a while, a blog became so much part of one’s life. One cannot hide it totally. Because:
1) If the blog is a hit, one feels proud and want to share the ‘achievement’ with the spouse;

2) One fears accidentally leaking out the secret in the most awkward situation – googling brings up everything. All you married women – go type your other half’s name and google! Quick!

Personally, I will have a clearer conscience if everyone I know, knows about my blog. It keeps me rooted. I do not know if in my last 185 postings, I had said anything I shouldn’t said about my atm (i.e. my husband) or my siblings and relatives (ok lah, every woman must gripe about out-laws at one time or another la, kasi chan la). Even if I do, I am ready to face the wrath if they misunderstood. I am willing to apologise even if what I wrote are just mere thoughts.

So, that brings me to the conclusion that spouses shouldn’t hide their blogs. Wives, be understanding. Husbands, be transparent. (eh, eh, like St Paul pulak) And to those couples, I salute and admire you all. Mr. & Mrs. Buaya, Papi&Mami, Angie&Bart are a only a few couple blogs I can think off right now. I believe blogging has brought these couples closer together.

Dr. Liew’s thoughts inspired me to write this. Thank you, duli yang maha kembang. You are very wise.

18 thoughts on “Will blogging turn into cheating?

  1. I was wondering whether there are bloggers who make up stories just to blog or make the post more interesting.
    However,its better to share this achievement with the other half and then can blog bout d other half “kwong meng zheng dai”.;)

  2. It’s not easy to reveal your blog to your spouse. I did, and it hurted me a lot. I wrote shitloads of stuff I wasn’t supposed to. When she read it, she went red on me. Habis lah. I had to celebrate Valentine’s Day 7×7=49 times with her this year ar !

  3. Recently, I find myself thinking alot about that too. But I think I am not ready to be that ‘open’ with hubby. Blogging is kinda like having your very own best friend. I don’t tell my best friend the things I tell hubby, and vice versa. To me, blogging is harmless rantings.

    I salute my fellow bloggers who (finally) reveal their blog to their spouse. *tabik* Perhaps there will come a time I can “hoi moon keen san” (open door see mountain) with hubby. But the time is not now.

  4. “My atm either does not care or is a very understanding atm who gives me my creative cyberspace. (gosh, I dunno! He knows my URL but whether he reads my blog, is a mystery.)”

    Sama-sama altho I’m always bugging Mr MG “Read my blog lah, read lah….” Sometimes I would ewmail him an entire post, hehe like so hardup like dat for him to read. He would help me take photos for my blog and sents me articles on latest blogging news but so far has never made any indication whether he reads accept those that I specifically sent him. Thinks he wants to give me some personal spacelah.

  5. it’s really up to the individual whether or not to inform their spouse/partner about their blogs. some partners r ok with the idea as long as u dun blog too much intimate details lar. some partners may totally dislike the idea and get pissed just knowing of the blog’s existance. if u’r nt ready to tell yr partner abt yr blog, don’t do it just yet. make sure u’r comfortable wif the idea of telling 1st, then only u tell.

    my partner knew abt my blog when i 1st started. of cos i am careful wit what i write, but for me, i don’t see any reason to hide from him lor. he reads my blogs once a while, even his colleagues read my blog. one has even become a big fan of my blog too *kembang*

  6. My spouse knows about my blog.. but i doubt he reads it.. coz’ i rant too much already lah.. !! and i’m like an open book.. so no need to hide..coz’ it shows lah..heheh!!

  7. i think if the blogger uses his/her real name to blog.. it would be better not to hide from the spouses and friends, unless we have ppl like hustler whose identity is known by not many šŸ˜›

    then again.. but setting up an anon blog.. it enables a channel for married ppl to express their thoughts, emotions or maybe frustration towards the other party, without them knowing. it would perhaps be healthy to a relationship?

  8. Too bad my fatty know nothing about computer (don’t even know how to on PC)..otherwise share with him r most happiness liao..just like we use to messages/sms each other for something tat shy to talk face to face..

  9. i told the husband abt my blog. coz i think somewhere somehow, he could find it.

    so, to avoid any misunderstanding in future, i told him first.

  10. Don’t touch that cicak! ;p I love lizards.

    With regards to revealing blogs to hubbies, well, in my case our blog is a joint venture – he does all the coding and design work, while I do most of the writing. Even though I may say things which aren’t in his favour, he somehow naturally respects my thoughts and opinions.

    I guess it’s important to approach each other with mutual respect and be ready to forgive. After all, when you marry someone you’re meant to bring out the best in each other and face the world as a very strong, solid unit. šŸ™‚

  11. Got once I was viewing my blogpage and replying to comments at Naz’s place and he saw and was like “ooOOoo you have a blog” and I quickly close my page…I said…yes I do…..and then he said “see see” and I said to him…read it when I’m not around lerr…until now, it is indeed a mystery whether or not he does read my blog =P

  12. I agree. Couples should share their blogs cos in a relationship, there is nothing to hide. It’ll be great if my husband (if i ever have one) has a blog and we keep it together…writing about our little life and sharing our ways on how we keep our marriage going…how we raise our children…
    Afterall, sharing is caring šŸ™‚

  13. My hubby has been my most ardent fan (arms twisted to read, what to do??), so naturally, he will have to know about my blog though his first reaction was – it’s a waste of time. Of course, now he too has been ‘converted’ and can rattle off names like 5xmom, mdmafia, alwayswow etc..! šŸ™‚

  14. Wah, I really am lost for words. So many sharing of thoughts here. I shall not comment one by one because each of you have said things so well.

    But Mun Kit – you sure you are not 81 yrs old? ‘Cos you make a lot of sense wor.

  15. Hey Lil, nice cicak, a brave one too. Dun hurt it la…I know u won’t, otherwise it wouldn’t have stayed there for so long. Yr cicak – PC literate I guess. I used to ‘feed’ one…it loves rice (cooked). I would put some rice and knock lightly on the floor while making some chckk chckk chhkkk sound…it would come out to eat. I got so excited when it later became friends with me, I fed it right from my finger šŸ˜‰
    Oh..I am a fan of yours too…but I doubt I will share my blog with my partner…yet !

  16. that cicak would have been long dead if it were to be seen by my mom …

    revealing blog to their spouse ? who in their right mind would want to do that ? heheh

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