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Ok, I am back on track. Remember that I have Penang Faces blog? It is now under http://penangfaces.chanlilian. net/ Bookmark this page, will you? I will work hard to capture food and sights so you better enjoy it or I will have no motivation to snap every food I eat.

A note of thanks to my wesbite engineer for the selection of colours and also moving the blog over from blogspot. I owe him a photo of his favourite lobak in Penang. I will be around town searching for a certain stall near Komtar/Gama. An old apek and ah poh. Any Penangite knows what he is referring to, please tell me? Only available in the evenings. Not in coffeeshop, just road side stall. But then, this is ancient news (as old as the person itself) so probably that part of town has been flattened.

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