Identity crisis of a housewife

Circa 1998
Pauline, an ex-colleague : Lilian! You can never be a housewife. How can you sit at home all day! You are all over the office, your voice, your bubbles. What are you going to do at home?
The GM of HR : Lilian, I can bet that in two weeks time, you are going to come back and tell me you want your job back.
My ex-boss : I respect what you decide and I am sure you have think very hard about this. (tears in his eyes!)

That sexy-turkey Executive Secretary was in everything the company was involved in. From organising conferences, annual dinners as MC, accompanying the PM and wife on the red carpet (before PM is PM yet la) to arranging prostitutes for Papua New Guineans or European clients. (hey, that needs a bit of skill orh, must know what they prefer lor or else they won’t sign contract lor)

This, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, is Auntie The Lilian, travelling back in time on this vehicle

*sigh* I found a big box of my old, old photo albums and that triggered off an identity crisis in this housewife. No wonder…And I thought I have PMS or even worse menopausal.

Staying at home with only 4 walls and kids can drive anyone insane. And glad I survived in this housewife status for the last….2005-1998 = 8 years. Making mental note to myself to visit Michael Ooi’s blog more often as his defination of housewives is very explicit. Cauliflower hair, umbrellas, haggling with poor apeks over 20 sen…..

I will not write further and will sit back and wait for some comments, please.

P/S : Go read this entry about identity crisis too. And make sure you click on the comments for some very wise old man’s advice.

25 thoughts on “Identity crisis of a housewife

  1. Kenot too many, I don’t like to mislead my faithful visitors. They may think I still 21 years old and fall in love, how? Errr.. What kind of photos? Me in beauty contest, modelling or in bikini? *muahahaha* That one not for public eyes, only certain special people la.

  2. Papi – yeah, cauliflower it is.
    Buaya – try telling myself that after washing dirty bottoms after dirty bottom, mop after mop, pick up mess after mess and I will surely die. I think you are referring to Mother rather than Housewife, hor?
    Jx – hehehehe

  3. Housewife or Mother also a job/vacation wut.ATM kasih salary lagi.:D No other job more “wai dai” as these two as they need endless of passion and love to keep it going until change job to salty egg seller. šŸ˜€

    oh u got a part time job as a celebrity blogger as well. šŸ˜‰

    either,auntie still rox!

  4. last time hip hairstyles were those of post ww2 hiroshima ones.. all like kena bomb.. now youth girl girl want cantik must have flat n silky hair.. how things changed šŸ™‚

    sexy-turkey? amuaahhaa

  5. dS – Next time I kasi you call me mummy at the forum, k? Only you.
    Jason – You are always so clever with your words.
    Mun Kit – Mau kena nuclear bomb, izzit?

  6. What!!? You arranged prostitutes as well? What about…uh…gigolos? I…uh…know a very good looking one, who don’t mind some sort of….uh…arrangment with European ladies. All reasonable offers will be…uh…energetically pursued.

  7. Hi mama22beas!
    Welcome,welcome! And a nice compliment too. Flattered.
    Viewtru – OK, jotting down details in little black book. How many inches, did you say? And err..I have advance from secretary to be mama-san now. So, I be your agent, ok? Tomorrow I put your photo on my blog and title it ‘5xmom – Gigolos agent’. I tell ya, I am going to be over bandwith.

  8. Hi Cherry
    No fun being a housewife if one forgets the meaning of living. It can get dreary.
    MG – Mun Kit stereotyping very frus hor? And I like this young guy even more.

  9. Can oso, can oso – 5xMoM – Agent for gigolos and also matchmaking agency for frustrated guys who can’t find a girl because he is not good looking enough. Horse faces, William Hung look-alikes, Shin Chan look-alikes, all can find 5xMoM to solve your loveless woes.

  10. Mom’s bigshot secretary also, and she says it’s easier to be secretary than housewife. In the office she can order anyone to do stuff cos she’s the boss secretary, at home no one to order, so she have to do it all herself. One time my granma went for hols overseas and my mom chicken hand duck leg trying to do everything on schedule. Everyone lost weight because of her ‘cooking’, heheh.

    Don’t knock yourself, plenty of people are willing to do it for you. šŸ™‚

  11. My ex-boss Cina apek wan. That guy’s name is Jason and he is really, really handsome so I censored his face. Less work for me mah.

  12. Ei, you not a guy, what you want to see for? Cannot simply show wan… Very dangerous lor, sked everyone fall in love. Nanti Munkit come and stalk me how? You know lor, that one with horse face wan. Wanted guy. *revenge to Munkit*

  13. Lilian,
    Just curious, if say can turn back time, would you do it again? be a SAHM? Would you have done it sooner, later?

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