Gigolos and matchmaking

This is an announcement. Due to the number of bloggers losing their teeth, turning pussies and puppies and some taken a hiatus, there are less blogs to read. 5xmom found that she has some time to spare and therefore, with her very ‘wai dai’ (big heart), charismatic personality, she has undertaken the task of running a gigolo agency and also doing matchmaking for the sake of the community. Here are some requests she had received:

Gigolo :

What!!? You arranged prostitutes as well? What about…uh…gigolos? I…uh…know a very good looking one, who don’t mind some sort of….uh…arrangment with European ladies. All reasonable offers will be…uh…energetically pursued. Posted by: viewtru

Matchmaking :

aiya too bad you never do matchmaking.. if not can ask for your help *g* Posted by: MunKit

And here are the replies given:
To viewtru : OK, jotting down details in little black book. How many inches, did you say? And err..I have advance from secretary to be mama-san now. So, I be your agent, ok? Tomorrow I put your photo on my blog and title it ‘5xmom – Gigolos agent’. I tell ya, I am going to be over bandwith.

To Munkit : Can oso, can oso. 5xMoM – Agent for gigolos and also matchmaking agency for frustrated guys. Horse faces, William Hung look-alikes, Shin Chan look-alikes, all can find 5xMoM to solve your loveless woes. Gerenti by Chap Goh Meh aka the Chinese Valentine, sure got girl to throw you mouldy, rotten oranges wan. And I think you, MunKit fits into one of the categories I mentioned above. Come horsey, horsey.

Note : The above are taken from the comments board of my earlier blog. Before some *concerned* citizens foam in their mouths, this blog is marked humour. See? H U M O U R?

10 thoughts on “Gigolos and matchmaking

  1. Nicole – I made that up lar, you know lar, doing anything for attention. I need help. But Hustler is on hiatus.
    KS – Kah ching got burnt till sked liao.
    Narrowband – want to put on wait list ah?
    Jason – no need wan, you can use your own charm

  2. i think i’m shinchan look-alike muahahahahhaa with williamhung soundalike voice.. and damnit i dono what;s a horse face šŸ˜›

  3. Oi….I wasn’t referring to myself lah! It’s about a friend of a friend lah! Acherly hor, I don’t know him that well! šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Ladies,

    looking for an parttime partner, please do mail me ur number, can call privately..all can be done
    Do u like Indian..Pe.. Try…..
    [Email deleted by blog owner] (give ur personal number- Only serious ladies looking for men)

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