Hard up on hard disk

Vengence was on my mind. All those hubbies who failed to please their wives on Valentine’s Day probably had to suffer the same fate. I became spiteful and vengeful and plot a way to get back at him.

No cooking for two days. No house-keeping and left my toddler sleep standing. I warned the dear old atm that I am going to let his precious kids twitching on the floor due to starvation too. And I got what I wanted. Clever arm twisting ya? Come, come,come to 5xmom for lessons on how to milk the men. *muahahaha*

Tadaaa….my computer has been upgraded to 512MB RAM and added an additional 80GB HDD space. Woohoo, now I can store every rubbish in my computer. I can take macro photos of my old, ancient photos. Anyone wants to send me porn, shoot. (hahaha, just joking ok?) Loading back all my computer games. No time for blogging liao.

After spending about RM400+, atm came back with two things from the shop. One, just insert in and my computer RAM is increased to 512MB. But the HDD needed to be partitioned and reformat or whatever blah. My Dell/Window XP doesn’t recognise the Western Digital HDD.

Frustrated and impatient (shop closed already), I posted a question in a forum. Got what I wanted to know. Fumble, fumble, fumble. Still not working. Along came Jason who has the same computer like mine. He is working part-time as technician or something. And he got this auntie very determined to DIY, even if it means killing my C drive.

Because he told me how the technicians in computer shops normally curse their clients behind the scenes. Things like, “PKM, so simple thing also dunno how to do. MCB, like that also must bring to us. KNN, so stupid people also got.” Wah….this got auntie’s blood curdling. How can mannnn…now way mannnnn…I am going to do it myself or die trying. No blardy technician is going to get a chance to curse this cool, IT savvy mom.

There goes our Yahoo IM ping-pong till 4am in the morning. I did not go beyond reinstallation for the partitioning because my original Windows XP Home Edition will not run as my computer said the programme I am currently using is a newer version than the CD. (I had installed Service Pack 2, I suppose?) But all is not lost. I can claim that I have tried.

Finally, my reliable atm brought the HDD to the shop and now…I have drive A, C, D, E, F – Z (card reader). Woohoo…so damn the kembang marn.

But errr…not many people believe auntie knows much about computer, still. My reliable computer guy, Paul still thinks I am blur like sotong. *sigh, making mental note to change web host liao, muahahaha*

lilian says: i don’t notice any diff from 512 to 256,is it suppose to run faster or something?

paultantk says: yup, faster, hard disk should not bising so much

lilian says: but last few days internet damn slow

paultantk says: that one no connection lol

lilian says: i know, i said the net was painfully slow, that’s all.

paultantk says: -_-“””” cold sweat liao

Oh yes, have I boasted that I personally plug in my computer myself with my own bare hands? Dell delivered the computer to my doorstep 2 years ago and I put it up. Clever hor? Someone please ask if Dell wants to market their computers to housewives? Huge market, dey. And I am still modelling material mah. Baru-baru ini L’oreal used me as one of their 8 Women of Excellence (must blog this someday).

15 thoughts on “Hard up on hard disk

  1. Bao Cheng Tin,yuen wong ah!I wasnt refering to Auntie Lilian leh!Dai Yan shan yuen ah!Xiu Yan mou zhui geh ah!yuen wong ah!

    Haha,sorry ler.But that is what happened behind d room because some simple matters that could be solve in less than 5 minutes,customers also bring it to us.so,v curse abit one lah!haha!

    errr,hopefully nobody come to my blog and curse me back oh~!

    auntie hor,the dell computer behind all colour coded one hor,of coz lah easy to setup.purple keyboard for purple ps2 port.green colour port for green colour coded mouse…but still,kudos for setting up your own comp.

    wah,women of excellence,you must be damn kembang loh~!

  2. Haha, if jasonmumbles’ boss finds out about his remark, he will kick his ass marn.

    About the L’oreal thing, quick2 blog about it leh. Kembang gila i tell u. šŸ˜€

  3. Last time I brought my computer to the repair shop, it took them 3 days to fix it! xD And by “fixing”, it turned out that one item by one item had to be replaced, so now it’s an almost brand new comp!

    But anyway, keep a WinXP reference book incase startup gone haywire. šŸ˜›

    Awesome upgrade! šŸ˜€ By the way, where’s the shop that you bought the HDD and RAM sticks?

  4. LOL! A mom trying to fix and install a new Hard Disk

    Mom, I can bet my last dollar you cannot do it this lifetime!

    Where do you put your new 80G WD hard drive and do they provide you with the holding screws?

    You have a Master hard disk, how would you set your new Disk as a Slave ?

    Can you tell the difference between the IDE cable and power cable and how would you connect them to your new thing?

    If you can get the above right, then you can use the XP Disk Management.

    But how would you partition your new Disk?

    Do you know the difference between primary and extended Dos, logical drive, setting primary active etc etc etc

    I send you the jpgs for guidance if you are willing to take up the challenge.


  5. Aunty Lilian, very brave of you to try installing the harddisk yourself. Very commendable. You know sometimes we engineers also make mistake when installing things on the PC.. like new harddisk.. we sometimes forgot to connect the power and wonder for 1/2 a day why its not working. Or forgot the jumper settings and we wonder over lunch why is it not working.

  6. Hi NeeShen – hahaha, tks for the note.
    Hqual – Dell computers are sap-sap sui la. What’s so difficult about opening the CPU? One click only. One screw driver involved, put in the new parts, and voila. Anyway, I am not planning to be a technician and therefore, will KIV your offer.
    Andy – Shop in Midland One-stop, name? Refuse to give :O)

  7. wahhhhh 5xMom, am very impressed with this techie talk. I still dont know difference between doanload and upload (and probably can’t even spell it!)
    anyway, bloghopped from Pok ku’s..and wallahh!

  8. Hmm, technician do respect customers with technical skill. It reduces our processor to translate technical lingo to an iliterate computer person.

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