Sleep standing

Little toddler says:

Mommy blogs neverending
Left me sleep standing
I was un-clothe
My diaper drops
Come, pity poor little baby
Mommy forgets all about me

Mommy says:

Little rascal, don’t you shout
If papa finds out
He is sure to pout
Putting you to nap is a round-about
Quiet, don’t be so loud

OII!!, this happens while I was lovingly preparing a home-cooked dinner for the family, wei. He said he wants to watch Barney mah. How I know he can stand and sleep, wor. I repeat – I wasn’t blogging! Arggh…please don’t report me for penderaan anak (child abuse). BTW, the first photo was mosaic-ed ‘cos the diaper dropped and his greenish, Mongolian spots backside was too cute to be shown.

11 thoughts on “Sleep standing

  1. lol.. your son so cute.He must be very tired till can sleep like that.One thing, you son didnt wear shirt at home ar? Why everytime you post your son photo he didnt wear shirt wan?

  2. nvm, Annabelle doss off on the mahjong table the other day, and Isabelle doss off on my shoulder while I sitting for the gin-rummy.
    and two years ago when they was about 2-3 months old, I breastfeeding them while I was playing gin-rummy.
    so you cook dinner and he doss off like tht, your ATM wouldn’t mad wan lar.
    but your #5 really … mo-tak-teng…sleep standing…sleeping kung fu ultimate move.

  3. Wah…Stand and sleep!Memang hebat!Pui fuk pui fuk!Auntie…cannot like that one!You should let him watch Barney the purple dino so that he can start singing…i love you,you love me…


  4. Sylvia – none of my kids wear shirt at home. They say hot wor. Wish I can follow them. So, save me from washing and folding also.
    Twinsmom – wah…happy to see your comments lor. So many people ask me where is the kpc?
    Jason – He better don’t start singing or I go siao.

  5. Ha..this looks like American’s Funniest Home Video. They had some entries with standing sleepers too. Cute boy..:)

    My brothers used to go bare backed often at home too. But when they want to go downstairs to buy things, they wear clothes, that I dun understand liao. I just thought it so normal to not need top wear shirt since they have nothing to show anyway.

  6. Msau – Yes! The secret of my goyang kaki-ness. But actually, I tried from 2pm till 6pm and he kept refusing to sleep lor. Imagine go into bedroom with him, I dozed off he ran out of the room. Very geek-hei when you are so sleepy and the kid refused to sleep. In the end, I kena cooking mah. If really I so ‘nua’ (disorganised) until my kid also get neglected, I dare not blog liao lor.

    ET – Ehh…noleh, half-naked body also attractive leh, if got muscles, dark and chest hairs la.

    Lobak – TQ!

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