Why do you turn to Christianity?

Someone finally ask me a question that I has been dying for people to ask me. “Why do you turn to Christianity from (previous faith)? So far, no one ever ask me a direct question like this probably because they think it is rude or probably they take for granted that they know (for e.g. some funny theories like God is calling, you are struck by lighting, you are tired of your old religion, you have nothing better to do, you just enjoy doing something different, etc).

I gave the following reasons over the IM but I feel I should elaborate further.

A) I want to find someone to blame
B) It is in English
C) My son, Vincent still lives

I am not joking when I said I want to find someone to put the blame on for those things that had happened to me. It is not like blaming God that He is wrong or bad. I merely have to find a good reason why I have to shoulder certain things whilst others don’t. And the explanation comes from being a Christian. That I, as a Christian, has to bear some of the burdens because God has made me tougher than others. Others jerks screwed up, I pick up the cheque. Simply put, I carry the karma of others. Fine with me because I can always turn to God when I myself am about to screw up too. As long as I believe in Jesus, I am secured that He will carry me through.

English and Bahasa Malaysia are the only two languages I can read. The Bible is in English. My first Bible is the above. I bought it from MPH, Mid Valley. I merely went to the promoter and ask her which Bible is the easiest to understand. She showed it to me and I was taken aback by the price. It is RM90+. Awww…mannnnn…for that amount of money, I can buy 3 paperbacks with the latest suspense thriller already. But I was the verge of breaking into pieces and I have nowhere else to turn to. I am against finding people to help me because I can bet 100% they don’t know how to help me because how often do you meet people who is taking care of a very ill child who is dying? So, I bought it, and start reading like one would read a storybook, from page 1 – Genesis : In the beginning…… Only problem is – the Bible is a very confusing book. Incest, mass slaughtering of babies, murders, killing own’s siblings, whoring and all sort of characters are in the Bible. And I go, damn, what is the matter with these people? It is only when I stumbled upon the New Testament that I finally hear THE WORD. (Bible has 4,000 yrs history. The New Testament starts from Jesus’s birth, 2,000+ ago.)

The most motivating factor that made me a Christian is the fact that we believe in resurrection. I don’t want my son to die and be born again as someone else – reincarnation. I am selfish, I want him to be there, up in Heaven.

Funnily, the persons whom I look up to before I change religion aren’t limited to Christians but also Muslims. I personally see how tabah/calm they are in adversities. If Allah makes them that calm and strong, Allah can make me like that too. (My Catholic church refers to God as Allah too, in our Bahasa Malaysia hymns. Yeap, we do sing songs in Bahasa Malaysia fyi.)

And that’s how I turn to Christianity. Because life was too hard and I need someone to take over. And He has taken over.


P/S : I choose my church from the Yellow Pages. Thanks to Telekom Malaysia. Hahahaha. Will blog about that later.

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  1. My mom’s a christian my dad’s a buddhist so I was born neutral šŸ˜› I haven embraced a religion yet but i believe someday i would need it too šŸ™‚

  2. Interesting..Lilian.. šŸ™‚
    I know for sure there is a God up there..for I’ve experience a miracle from Him. It’s a long story.. but the end product is Chloe… my miracle from God is Chloe. Therefore .. i know He is there.

  3. I thought I was the only one who turned to Christianity because its in English.
    But after learning and understanding more, I dropped that idea. There is so much to Christianity that I have to learn. So much to explore. On Friday, I learnt a lot about the Holy Spirit. Something that I always took for granted.
    No one says our Christian journey is easy…but the Lord is always there to guide us along in our journey of faith. As long as we have faith…faith even as small as a mustard seed, can move mountains. (Got this from the kids at Sunday school)

  4. šŸ™‚ My parents only joined in after I was born so I have a free hand in which I choose and they have never forced me into any religion and encourage me to find my own way. Still becoming a Christian is the most likely path, I’ve influence in the form of my immediate parents and family, and auntie like you said I can only read English and BM and the most accesable material was the bible. It helps that I understand what is being preached and also the stories were nice šŸ˜€ Some may say this is a shallow reason for adopting a religion, but says who.

  5. I’m a buddhist but a friend gave me a bible. I do read it page by page and to me, it’s like reading a history book. Although I may not be able to understand some things in there but there are always friends whom I can turn to, to help me understand them.

  6. aunty lilian ar…. your computer area are still so messy with criss-crossing cables n wires leh~ šŸ˜›

    as for religion, it is something where ppl have to find for themselves. God is there waiting, for the door to open. when n why the door open r different with each people.

  7. Regorel – You see my flower in the other picture enuff la, aiyoh.. why see those wires? I got a lot of gadgets mah. Nowhere to put, home small. I have battery charger, phone charger, card reader, scanner, printer, cd burner…..You get the picture.
    S-Kay/Kervin/Cherry – May you find your direction in times to come.
    Midnite Lily – Been to your site and love your banner!
    Mrs T – Yes, God works in miraculous ways.
    MunKit – Either way, you are very smart now. And keep those blogs coming, I need a laugh.

  8. Glad you found your faith, Lilian..
    Having an answer is so important in keeping us sane isn’t it? Esp in the face of adversity. In circumstances which we cannot understand with our mundane mind, religions help fill in the blank. And most times, faith and hope is really all we need to see us through. Wishing you further enlightenment and peace on your chosen path.

  9. Wah, ET – you talk like a disciple wor. Yeah, good to have someone as punching bag.
    Twinsmom – We cannot choose God, God choose us. A few hour before my baptism (it is like : it -chi-pu-huey-thou/Mandarin one way no return), I wonder if I was doing the right thing. I opened the Bible for one last time and the words screamed at me “You did not choose me, I (God) choose you…..” Dielah, God also scold me liao so I better kwai-kwai convert lor.

  10. Awww….Paul…poor you. RM150 must cost like a million dollar in Form 5. I bought one King James Version, fulamak, I don’t have the faintest idea what they are talking about. But I like the leather cover and use it to ward off ‘evil spirits’. Silly me, I take it when I go funny places. Imagine like horror movie like that. Die you, little devils, here is my KJV Bible to burn you.

  11. Hi Lilian, the word of God speaks LIFE to all those who read it. It tears down strongholds that the world has indoctrinated us with, it builds up what Satan tries to tear down, it heals broken hearts, broken relationships, broken bodies stricken by diseases, it uplifts you when Satan downtrods you, and Satan will continue his quests to steal, kill & destroy to cut away your relationship with God, to prolong the coming the Son of God. But Jesus is coming. And we are the brides preparing for the Groom. And when we finally meet our Maker face to face, we will have to give an account of our lives to Him. Are we prepared for that day? The signs are for all to see, the SARS, Bird Flu (called pestilence in the Bible) 911, Bali Bombing, earthquakes & tsunami. Can a God who created the heavens & the earth & all the living things in it, be contained in earthen images of gold? A God who is everywhere at once & living, can he be localised to be worshipped at one place only? The truth has no error but in error, there is some truth.

    The Old Testament gives us an insight of God’s character & faithfulness but also a God who judges the sinful. It tells of the coming of the Messiah. And there is a gap of 400 years between the Old & the New Testament yet the stories are in line & connected with what prophets had prophesied in the Old Testament. Ask God to give you the understanding as you read His will & purpose for you in the Bible. He is the Way, the Truth & the Life. You need not the saints or mother to talk the living God. Just call out to Jesus & He will hear you.

    I hope you will grow spiritually & develop a more personal relationship with God as He desires to have a closer relationship with you. May you receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit to bless the nations & heal your son. My mother is a walking & talking testimony of God who healed her from stroke. I’ve learnt that as I live in obedience to His will, He will use me to bless others in all manners beyond our wildest imagination! I pray for that amazing life for you too!

  12. I am a buddhist.. believed in the karma and the good of man… but I also read a little bit of the bible especially the juicy stuff. Its good story.. (always the fight between the devil and the deep blue sea).. so right now, constantine is the IN thing for me.

    so what does that make me? undecided! hehe..

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