Looking thru the eyes of a baby

One of the reward of being a parent is the chance to be young again. I go down to the level of a baby, toddler, child, teenager and try to see things from their level.
Take for example, a simple weed like the mimosa. Probably, we have forgotten it’s existence. We step on them and if we are barefooted, we will curse and curse because the plant has sharp thorns. Otherwise, we just continue to go on living, losing touch with the mundane but nevertheless, interesting stuffs.

When you are a parent to an inquisitive toddler, you feel like the smartest person on earth. Show the little toddler how the leaves can close at your touch. And he will go oohing and aaahhhing. Giggling when the leaves closed up and squatting there anticipating for it to open again.

Later on, when that toddler is bigger and has gone to school, they probably see nature as it is intended to be. Beautiful and having a life of its own. Science lessons became interesting. What is dreary in the textbooks and workbooks will become alive.

My KKC or camera is probably one of the nicest reward I got for myself. It’s wonderful super-macro settings had brought out many hidden beauty of a lot of things. A mimosa turned into a huge ball of pink furs.
Though I may never be a great photographer, I know that I have an edge over many others. I have a soon-to-be (28th Feb) 2 years old toddler to nudge me to the things to snap. Recently, he has developed this commanding nature. If he sees something interesting, he will use both his hands to twist my face to that direction and babbles ‘heep, heep, heep’ (taking photo in Hokkien). It melted my heart whenever he does that because he has caught on fast. He spots things worth capturting. How many people has these moments? I am so lucky and I thank God for my Matthew (meaning Gift of the Lord).

Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

Have you stopped to touch the mimosa today? (We don’t have roses in our hot climate so cannot stop to smell the roses mah.)

15 thoughts on “Looking thru the eyes of a baby

  1. Everything is interesting and new to a toddler.They tend to notice things that we would have forgotten or neglected.It is them who reminds us of our childhood and bring back our fond memories.I just love to playing with kids,age from 3-6.They are not only cute,but they also show you another view,and sometimes it sure is very fun to listen to them,telling you wonderful stories that once caught your attention.:) Ahh~this is really an inspiration post.

  2. Once, I took my son to his grandfather’s rural home where they reared chickens. My 4 year old son spent a good amount of time watching and learning about a 4 day old fluffy little chicken … priceless.

  3. I always have, and always will touch the leaves to make them shut whenever I see one. Since my mom taught me about mimosa up on Itam Dam. It’s just on of those things.

  4. That is the reason why I go down on or bend my knees when I talk to children. It is so important to be on the same level with them.

    I love this quote: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)” – This tells me that even in my age, it is ok to play like a toddler, be immature, something that I am struggling with sometimes. Now I ahve a reason to do what I do. Yeah!!! 🙂 Keep on rocking, keep on wowing me with your posts!!!!!

  5. MG – Yalor, my camera very terror wan, when comes to macro setting (taking close-up photos).
    Andreas – very flattered with your last sentence. Keep going, keep going, WOW!
    Hsin – Yahor, Air Itam dam. Damn the weather, I love the place but not when the reservoir is dried up. Making note to go up one of these mornings.
    MunKit – Dey, my kid only 24 mth olds, what sex education? He knows his little kkc enuff liao la.
    fishtail – I loooooove little chicks. But too bad they aren’t easily available for sale nowadays.
    Wah Jason – you will make a nice babysitter.

  6. Yay, my favourite flower. Says a lot that it’s a weed. :p

    I used to love picking them when I was a kiddie, then when I was older I figured might as well let them stay on their stems and live longer. They’re so pretty, aren’t they?

  7. I know what you mean. When I was a toddler, I remembered that I was quite curious about the things around me. The adult ladies flashing by in their miniskirts introduced me to a world of myriad colours as I looked up. But no, I hadn’t learnt how to say “heep, heep, heep” at that tender age. Damn!

  8. hi…its nice to play with toddlers, i have a few cousin’s son n daughter whom i will spend most of my time with them whenever i m back home during my weekend (even my bf will get jealous of it, hiak hiak hiak). i think i can use the word “RUSH” to meet them..wakakkaa…i just cant wait to teach them more little little stuff, see how they have grown so far its so interesting to have kids around with us, it always make the atmosphere less tense u noe..as little toddler todays can crack unpredictable jokes but memorable ones. arghhhhh..i just cant wait to go back home now, i miss them so much~~~especially when they calling me “yiii..yii..(means “auntie”) …

  9. With my son, it’s not the mimosas but the sounds because he’s blind (see our blog about it). But thue, it’s always an incredible experience where you restart to be amazed about little things.

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