Airheads on air

Rkaru’s post reminded me of something I heard the other day. I must blog this before I forget.

I hardly listen to the radio because I hate listening to stupid and dumb advertisements. One rare afternoon while I was driving, I heard this:

L&E, Simon : Hello, L&E
Auntie : HHHelo? L&E?
(you know the Astro advert where the guy called up the station for an additional decoder? That kind of Hello mya suara la. Takut-takut, hesitating kinda voice.)
Simon : Yes, L&E, Good afternoon
Auntie : Hello? L&E? Errrr…I want to test this number la.
Simon : (voice very amused dy) Can I help you?
Auntie : No lah, I want to make sure I got the correct phone number. Tomorrow morning, I want to phone to enter contest. Early morning ha…very difficult to get through the number, you know? So, now I make sure the number is working. This phone number is 03-xxxxxxxx, correct ah?
(now, Simon and 5xmom and a few thousands listeners also tulan-ted liao)
Simon : *pulling in deep breath* Yes, you mean the ABC contest?
Auntie : Huh, huh, that’s right. Can I give you my answer now?
5xmom cringing in embarrassment on behalf of all housewives, kiasu Malaysian sistas.
Simon : (bueh tahan liao, cannot stand it further, no amount of good manners can hide the smirk in his voice)
No, marm, that contest is for tomorrow morning and the question will ONLY be given tomorrow. Have a good day. *click* (Simon must had gone to knock his head on the wall and ROTFLMAO at housewives.)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, if you think all these calls are coming to you live, think again. They are pre-recorded most of the time but recordings which are edited are played almost instantly. And I bet Simon must have had a kick putting this call on air. Oh….I am so embarassed. Yannaley…apasal itu macam desperate to enter contest? Pheww…now I got this off my chest. Si fook saiiii (relieved).

(I was in Mix FM studio with Richard and Shazmin for an early morning show late last year and therefore, know that the DJs have to screen many airheads calls. And those who are sooooo long winded. And lots of blur sotongs. ‘Cos not everyone is like me who can rattle of a whole paragraph of thing with just one breath. *ahem*)

P/S : I am a housewife, ok? I am being bitchy today, ok? You got a problem with that?

10 thoughts on “Airheads on air

  1. Disgrace to all housewifes.She should be sent to Kiasu-land instead of Boleh-land lah!

    No.I got no problem with that. *Raise hand to support 5xmom!*

  2. haiya.. they got nothing else to do at home ma.. maybe they only have a kid… and no blogs to update.. no entries to read n comment.. so botaibochi mah call the radio lorr.. šŸ˜›

  3. aiyer bodoh betul wei.. seriously.. adoiiii i should start listening to Mix FM! šŸ˜› hope my mum would hear stuff like this.. so she wouldn’t be like that.. ish ish ;p if not ar. habis la memalukan la ;p

  4. It was said that one of the measure to how advanced a civilisation is by how its people can laugh at themselves.

    Posted by: neeshen at February 22, 2005 02:42 PM

    NeeShen – yes, someone also told me this. It takes a lot of guts to be able to laugh at one’s own folly. So, I am going to laugh at myself silly.

    The rest – thank you for helping me to bitch. I had wanted to say it for a while but guilty to bash some stranger like this.

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