Chap Goh Meh – Your last chance

Tomorrow is Chap Goh Meh. Being kiasu, I had cooked the mandatory pengat today. Go drool over at my food blog.

In case, you did not summon enough courage to woo your girl/guy on Valentine’s Day, you can have one more last chance to do so on Chap Goh Meh. That is, if you are Chinese.

I will not go into details about Chap Goh Meh because you can read about it here. But basically, on Chap Goh Meh, when the moon is at it’s hiau-est (brightest), young ladies threw rotten, mouldy oranges into the sea and make a wish in Hokkien ‘tim kam, chuah ho ang’ Meaning, throw orange, make a wish to marry good husband. And the young men will throw drums (deng, where to find drums to throw eh?) and say ‘tim lor kor, chuah ho bo’ (throw drums and get good wife, it rhymes in Hokkien).

Gee, I hate all these mushy things but our Penang State Government hold a yearly tourism affair for Chap Goh Meh and I got the reminders over the papers. A few years back, a guy friend, Soon How told me he actually witnessed an old spinster threw an orange into the Air Itam river (more like longkang now). He sweared and sweared that he saw it with his own eyes. Hope that woman found her dream by now. Or maybe she had thrown herself into the sea due to loneliness.

MunKit has termed Chap Goh Meh as the Chinese Valentine. So, go on, woo that girl/guy. And dey, MunKit, remember to throw a drum into the sea, ok? You will sure find a wife like a barrel of a drum with voice loud like a drum which will burst your ear drum.

14 thoughts on “Chap Goh Meh – Your last chance

  1. Hehhe…I thought Chinese Valentine’s day huh. I have a cousin whose bf didn’t wanna spend money on the real Valentine’s day so he told her..”we celebrate on Chinese Valentine’s day lah. Cheaper.” Needless to say…she got pissed and he got silent treatment for a week 😛

  2. Lolx,Chinese or Non-Chinese,its still a day for couples to celebrate their love.Just another follow up from the Non-Chinese version,but the effect is not as hebat as the Valentine’s day.

    Auntie,you memang hebat lah.You can actually wrote the sentence and it rhymes so well till I have to pui fuk u with hands down lah!

  3. Wei MunKit – you want to drown your dream girl ah?
    Cherry – did not know guys like that exist for real!
    Jason – that rhyming not I create wan, it has been like that for ages. Another one is tim thor tau, chiak lau-lau (throw peanuts, eat to old age)
    Twinsmom – so, you got a lot of spinster in Taman Jaya area la? You throw before or not? They say ha…throw orange, get husband with facial skin like the oranges la, all lubang-lubang.

  4. Hehe wonder if the MPPP steahthly row over and collect the discarded oranges from the river after the event or later the next day you’ll all be inundated with a river of smell oranges XD Also wonder if you throw Sunkist rather than cheaper mandarin oranges you prospective partner would be higher class too? XD

  5. Romantic – Yahor, go throw pomelo tonite and hope you get a sugar daddy. Make sure your pomelo is the sweet variety and not the sour one. LOL
    Mdmafia – I think some people still do that, secretly making a secret wish in a secret water catchment area (unlike we in Penang, the sea is everywhere, in KL, lumpur pun jadi lah)LOL
    Ah Knight – You think like our cavemen ancestors ah? Throw the drum, knock the girl out and pull her by the hair to your cave.
    Kervin – You got already, no need to try your luck anymore.

  6. MunKit : You’re writing your phone number big big at the back of a girl’s poster and throw? You wanna fish for humsup guy to kau you ah?

  7. Kekeke… Happy Chap Goh Mei Lilian. I was telling my Brazillian junior bout this practice today. Her reaction was, “Why not just direct throw to the guys, then 100% can get”. Heeee… I didn’t know guys throw drum, thought only gals throw orange.

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