Those old, old photos

Recently when I was packing up my other home, I found a big box of photo albums. Back in those days when there wasn’t any digital camera. Only films like ASA 100, ASA 300 and etc. We buy either 24 pcs or 36 pcs photos in a roll of film. Which means, each time, we have to take all 36 frames before we can develop the photos.

Some cameras that we (my bf/now atm and I) owned are Olympus, Nikon, Konica and Canon. Those times when it takes ages to adjust the aperture, shutter speed, what-ever-bla to get a good photo.

Being an attention seeker, I really have a lot of photo albums. From small to secondary school to those ‘fatt-hou’ Ah Lian age. Then, when the kids arrived, the new proud parents will snapped every little things, thus, adding on to the collection. Not forgetting those travels photos.


Right now, I have a big headache as to where to store this big box of photo albums. Wish I can shrink them into mere CDs. But it is too much of a chore to scan every photo. It is also a chore to take macro photos of the printed photos. I had done this before to a few photos. Using my camera macro setting to take photo of my old photos. The quality is not bad and the fantastic thing is the photo become much larger of about 1,200 pixel (or can even go to 2,240 pixel).

I have plans to turn some of my older children babies photos into CDs so that I can give each of them a set when they are older. But this lazy bones will probably never get around to do it.

Urggh…what to do with this big box of memories? Wanna see me at 5 years old? Want? Hahaha, my sons said, “Oh, mom, you look so ugly. Your nose is too big, your mouth is too huge. Oh, gosh, your hair, mom, your hair! You look so bodoh (stupid).”

5xmom said, “Come, come, let me cekik (strangle) all of you baru tau.”

15 thoughts on “Those old, old photos

  1. Auntie,u betul betul make me laugh so damn loud until my housemate ask me “lu gila kah?” I dun mind getting stranggled by u leh~ -grins-

  2. Haha yeah have albums after albums of those old things lying around as well as the tons of negative reels, the digicam revolution is a real lifesaver in terms of storage and wallet friendliness. Well why not make a digital scrapbook? I’m sure you will find the time for that and why not involve the kids? Its fun (or just tell them if they don’t do it their kepala will kena hantukan from you) šŸ™‚

  3. auntie lilian, how come ur right side hair is shorter than ur left side hair, tak seimbang larr….hairdresser those day r really so unprofessional..sighhh…but, its a nice pics !!

  4. All your comments are so funny! Hahahaha, hiroshima, kabooom! True la, I got that hair since small. It curls on its own and nothing I do can change it, like my character la. But must be thankful, I still got bushy hair and not botak.

    BTW, MMgirl – My mom cut the hair for me ‘cos last time cannot afford hairdresser wan.

  5. Oi Doc, what mushroom hair, it was fashionable back in 1969, ok? Even Ling Po, Ling Tai and all the Ling Ling got this hairstyle la.

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