Talking heads

5xmom talking in her head.

# Angel 5xmom : Am I proud?
# Bitchy 5xmom : Damn, what else? Definitely!
A5 : Is it wrong to be proud? It is not, you know.
B5 : Tiuuu…then why you ask me?
A5 : A person must have her own self-worth.
B5 : Yadayadada, whatever la. You are getting so blardy damn kembang-mengembangan lately. You better get down from your cloud.
A5 : Because I need to wake up every morning, face the whole world which includes washing dirty bottom, wiping up spitted food from all over the house, getting food on the table, clean more dirty bottom, pass out sunshines to others while I carry on washing dirty bottoms, after dirty bottoms. With shit stucked to my fingernails…..but keep a smile on my face.
B5 : What’s the matter with you, bitch? You are having PMS or wut?
A5 : Oh no….I am just verbalising and writing down my thoughts. You don’t have to listen if you don’t want.
B5 : Then, shaddap and don’t disturb me. I am looking for someone to snap at. Let me see, that toddler who just stepped and messed the papadams, making the floor so oily. Let me go spank him. Earlier, he chew banana and spitted on the sofa. And pour vitagen on the floor and slide on the sticky patch.
A5 : Kenot…..he is just having fun, exploring the world around him.
B5 : Then, let’s blog something controversial, like religion, races, gays, lesbians or something and create a flame war?
A5 : Oh no…..flame war must be self-ignited.
B5 : MCB, PKM, KNN, then let’s do something other than listening to your peacock talk.
A5 : Huh? What acronyms are you using? My ex-boss got DSPN, JP, PKT, PJK and a string of others, but I never heard of KNN wor.
B5 : Oi, Ah Sahm ah, can you shaddap ah?
A5 : Ei, dear B5, you take care hor? SAHM is pronounced as Sam, not ah sum like those olden times white blouse, black pants maid from China, you know? You jaga don’t make Angel 5xmom into Bitchy 5xmom lor. Then, you also kena lor.

*hahahaha, running out of things to blog today*

12 thoughts on “Talking heads

  1. It’s like a left boob talking to a right boob. It seems that the left boob is always wrong because the right boob is, well, always right.

    I’m getting crazy.

  2. Running out of things to blog izzit Ah Sahm?(Hehe funny SAHM = “Ah Sahm”). Got new blog topic for you on special request. Go look at twinsmom comments board under her post “Be Prepare”.

  3. Hahaha, I got a pal in ET. Talking to ourselves.
    MunKit – Try it, it’s effective.
    MG – thanks for the tips
    Jx – you read too much of doc’s signature tag liao
    Jason – me? hiatus? no way, big blogs coming

  4. 5Xmom, you are the most diligent blogger around! I love coming here, morning-afternoon-night. Sure have new things. Always buzzing…I love it ! Keep it up !!!

  5. phew…I thought only I got this problem…

    earthtone, go to Penang lar, then you can be with your dear, then some more you can holding a big bouquet of flower waiting in front of lilian’s house, ask for signature, she sure very very kembang wan (or she rather go hide) muahahaha…

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