Those fat backsides!

What happen when 5xmom is let loose with a camera, a thrist for something to blog and one hour to kill?

Mom and toddler skipping along Fort Cornwallis field, going to the playground. And what do they see? Swings! Toddler is delighted to see swings which he call ‘weeee….ing’. But wait a minute!

WTF, all swings occupied. And not by small kids but, butt, buttts,

5xmom tulan-ted liao. C’mon! My little, puppy eyes toddler eyeing your swing and you pretend not to see him? WTF, KNN, TMD! There are plenty of seats around for your big backsides, why must you squeeze them here? No one ignore 5xmom adorable toddler and get away with it alive.

5xmom said in the loudest voice, in polished Ingrish sumore, to impless them.
“Never mind, sayang, we play the zook-zook (slide) first, k?”
Toddler not budging, standing there, looking so forlorn.

5xmom switched to bitch and SWAT mode liao.
“Darling, come mommy take photo for you ok?” Evil glint in her eyes.

Flip backpack to front, un-zip and take out her big KKC. Act professional like dat. Take out camera filter, extension and start screwing (not that she needs them). Wah…. very kerng lor… Like real photographer.

Finally, one Ah Beng got uncomfortable and felt threatened with a big KKC from this SWAT. SWAT ah soh means business because she was wearing a pair of jeans, black crew-neck t-shirt ( & mushroom hair) and looking damn kembang like dat with her KKC. He reluctantly stood up and gave the swing to toddler.

Ehhh…baby, nolah, mommy only speaking Eng lan. I no speak Too lan.

*sigh* If we are in KLCC park, I think the guards will foam in the mouth, blowing their whistles. But here? There is a group of hurly burly MPPP Penguatkuasa Team nearby, wearing blue vests and they don’t say a thing. *sigh* Because it is not their job mah. Their job is to dismantle poor hawkers’ stalls only.

Before we leave, we saw this pak cik. I don’t know if he also play the swings.

BTW, have you all met some lowly humans who have no shame at the playgrounds? The kind where they make a dash, over run another kid to grab an empty swing so that their own kid who is already occupied with something else can get on it? They will hold the swing dominantly, staring with killer looks at the poor kid who is also holding the swing and then, screammmmmmm ‘cb…come and take this swing!!!’? Urrggghh, we have many ugly Malaysians like that, don’t we?

19 thoughts on “Those fat backsides!

  1. Eh,no butt crack pics ah?Cheh~coz if got,can past it to Mike mah!Since he got a post on butt cracks.khikhikhi…And #5 look so charm and pityful even though he got the swing already.Sighz,ugly Malaysians.THey are everywhere.Remember the television got show one ads on the LRT one,the guy who occupied the handicapped/disabled seats?Oh~that is so….”Ummmph”

  2. yerr.. i see these ppl i also get tulan.. ppl kiddy stuff ma.. why go n fight.. wanna find similar excitement to swinging.. go to themepark for roller coaster.. or go for bungee la.. why.. sked ah? -_-”

    and AL your camera angles hor.. all take ppl’s butt one.. later the pak cik think you hamsup shock sendiri balu tau ahaha

  3. OI Munkit, my camera pixel 2,280 mya. A4 size, so I pretend to say ‘come, mommy take photo’. Toddler at the edge and the rest in the focus. kikhkikhkikh. Then, I crop mah…

    Jason – Ugly Malaysians indeed.

  4. Damn kiasu one la these people. One time I went with my small cousin to a park and there was this fat guy sitting on the swing, when the papan kenyataan clearly states kids under 12 can play in the playgound only. Bloody illiterate jackasses.

    We ended up playing with the little pebbles by the swing area, and a few of them unfortunately hit the guy on the ass because I’m a lousy shot. šŸ˜€

  5. *sigh* Lilian next time you just try walk up to them and say, “Could you please let my little boy play the swing?”… If they try to be thick face and saying stupid thing, just reply them with 4 words, “May god bless you.” šŸ˜‰

  6. fish fish – Aiyer….the whole gang wor, a bunch of Ah Sohs there, I dare not lor. Because afterwards they spew out real KNN whilst I can only type KNN but cannot say it in words wor. In person, I am real timid one leh.
    Nyek, nyek Mun Kit – forget to tell you that I haven’t put wide angle lenses yet. With wide angle, walau-eh, lagi besar lor.
    Saffron – yakah? Or you saja mis-que and perkena the tua pui?
    Buaya – Yalor, they not only sit, they swing somemore. Aiyoh, wasting tax payers money on vandalism.

  7. I usually very thick skin carry the girls (one on each hand) satnd in front of tht fat ass: “mei mei, ask uncle/auntie please let me play the swing/whatever it is.” if tht FA thick skin enough not to stand up, I tell him/her off myself.
    but good lar, you got big KKC show to her, sked the shit out of her, tell her you send the photo to newspaper :P.

  8. I encounter this kind of buttts before at that very place too. Really piss me off. Just stand in front of them with my #2 (then 3yrs) looking at them until they sendiri feel malu.

  9. Hohoho, Izzati, so I am not the only unlucky wan la. You can see how uncomfortable Matthew look in the photo? Sure kekok because all the aunties there pok-pek-pok-pek from across him. And never even puji how cute he is. Cis!
    Twinsmom & Mrs T – I so damn chicken heart wan leh. The whole gang there, maybe waiting to throw oranges wor. ‘Cos old liao, hair dyed, eyebrow tattoo, blue colour nail polish (not in the photo), low cut jeans. I sked lor.

  10. Talk about ugly M’sians. I’ve encountered a few mums who plonked their kids on a kiddy ride (without putting in any coins!) then tell them to “sit here” while they wonder off to gawd knows where to shop, and other kids with coins has to wait or leave becos the ride is not available. WTF, KNN, TMD!

  11. auntie lilian, next time bring a water gun or even a cane to shusshhh those butts away…see they still so “erm sek” DO or not..hiak hiak hiak…

  12. MG – Aiks, you also can curse liao. Yalor, some parents really dunno what to say to them. Damn jialat.
    MMG – OK, note down, next time bring water gun (I got plenty at home) along in my SWAT backpack. kikhkikhkikh

  13. aiya..these kind of people ah, memang no malu one. The other day, I saw this couple on the swing, isy..konon very the romanticlah. So kesian the small kids cannot play on the swing. The parents tegur also they buat dunno only, can laugh some more!! I kept hoping the swing would break and the girl would fall on her butt!!

  14. Hi Along!
    Yalor, some of these tengah romance young couples, have no respect for the environment. Cis, not that I am a very alim person but the things they do in front of little kids, malu saja.

  15. Ask ATM walk over give one super kick to that backside, make fat ah soh pusing 20 rounds on the swing before flying back home with a prolapsed uterus. Stupid chunks of cholesterol!

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