Old cinemas, old movies, lesson in life

Once upon a time, the ticket to a movie only costs 40 sen for the normal class and 60 sen for the special class. There wasn’t air-con, only fans, no popcorn, only kuaci. And instead of lover-seat, we have bugs-seat. Tiny insect that hide in the wooden seats, like bed bugs. Yeah, if you are lucky, you will come back from a movie with a swollen butt and thigh and an orgasmic scratching session for the whole night. No one watches movie in the day because the tin roof will be too hot for the cinema. The cinema, Kim Wah in Bayan Lepas is no longer there.

*sigh* Those were the days of Chin Han, Tien Nui, Ling Ching Hsia (before she turn lesbian-ic), Ching Hsiang Ling, Sek Kin, Bobby (the bollywood movie), Bruce Lee, One Arm Bandit (the movie, not the machine). Not to mention Hail Amir, Uji Rashid, Dahlan Zainuddin…. (Oi, P. Ramlee died oredi la) I was real small then, about 5-6 years old only and my older sisters and mother would drag me to the movie almost every alternate days.

So, I grew up on a large dose of Taiwan melodrama. This is long before Run Run Shaw turn to Hong Kong. Taiwan movie rules! The same old story of rich girl love poor boy or poor boy love rich girl. Blind girl love boy, boy love mute girl etc etc. And censorship wasn’t as strict as now. So, this little girl will be watching scenes of a male and female in bed, under the blanket with legs twisting. And thought that, that’s what happened when people stay under blanket, get too hot and bitten by bed bugs. And when they got too hot, they are too stupid to remove the blanket but instead they sigh (moan). Geez, lucky I did not turn into some freaky hiau po (pompuan miang/slut).

With the amount of melodramas I had watched, I am glad that I somehow turned out ok in my own love life. Thank God, I did not go pining for that long lost love or go standing in the rain and cry (Taiwan favourite scene). Or keep the used handkerchief of a certain Ah Beng (‘cos my name is Ah Lian liao mah). Worse still, girls then commit suicide over the littlest thing. Like gotten themselves pregnant. Or leaping off bridges and seas over failed examination results.

Ah well, my real life wasn’t less dramatic than some of the movies I have watched. But at least I did not sit and wait for The End and hoping for a happy ending. I make and direct my own movie and The End has to be happy, regardless.

17 thoughts on “Old cinemas, old movies, lesson in life

  1. wah, got director quality! pssst, wanna direct a movie on “The Lives and Times of a Buaya in Penang”? 😉

    p/s – sorry ler, serious and uplifting replies is Mrs.B’s department. 😛

  2. i cant survive those days.. so i’m very glad that i’ve been born in the 20th century ahaha.. where cineplex charges a fix price of RM10 for every seats and RM30 for gold class.. and i hate kuaci man.. so hard to bite..

  3. Ha? Fishtail, who is Linda? I cannot recall leh. Because I don’t speak or understand Mandarin, like a cow, my sisters dragged me there. Lily Hwa, I think I can recall the beehive hair la.

    Buaya – Wah…that one got bordering on porn or not? Kalu porn, kasi Hustler direct la.

  4. i agwee wif munkit 😛 prefer aircon (esp!!!) & the mouth watering caramel popcorn in GSC. wah! shiok oh! some more now got twin seats 😉 hubby lagi suka!! hahaha!

  5. Linda Lin Dai lar. Cantonese: Lam Doi. The Kingdom and The Beauty leh. Commited suicide at the age 29.

    I subscribed to Astro 39 he he he

  6. oooOOO, that Lin Dai, aiyoh, that one my mom’s age la. You think I so tua meh?
    MWDSN and MunKit – Wei, last time, no supermarket pun, where to find aircon? MunKit, hate kuaci? You dunno what you are missing.

  7. I guess you meant Tien Niu??? Not Tien Nui…
    heck, when I was young I was innocent enough to believe sleep together will get pregnant wor!!! LOL

  8. huh? never pinned for love..? Not lived a life leh…every young girl must go thru some drama before find the one mah…then can “been there, done that” mah….
    can you tell I cherish my “qiong yao” days..

    “Yes, he loves me, no he doesn’t…” *pluck rose petals*

  9. momof- yeah, typing error, Chen Chen, Ling Feng Chiao, Yeh Hwa, die la, I am so very the Ah Lian
    ET – Your post today inspired me to write leh. You too ‘yok ma’ my hair also stands on end. Got write message in blood or not?

  10. Eh, those actors/actresses mostly act movies written by Qiong Yao (did I got it right?) My aunts were their fans too. That time they watch with boxes of tissue papers. Aunts and mum crying buckets.

  11. last time old ppl damn disgusting la.. bite bite kuaci.. puik puik puik on the floor.. then the kesian sapu ah soh have to sweep (last time no vacuum cleaner)..

  12. I also like old movies ler. Do you all remember the old Taiwanese movie..”Jiu kang tang buey bo”? Dunno whether the transalation sounds right or not but its about this old man who is mute and adopted a daughter who later became a famous singer. Wah..damn touching ohhh the story. I cry and cry everytime I watch it. The song also evokes a lot of emotions!

  13. Twinsmom – wah…you running with who on the beach! Got the song got ‘hai o (seagull)’ or not? Hahahaha
    Cherry – Ya, ya, that movie was so damn famous, every pasar malam play the song.
    MunKit – You dunno what you are missing.
    Penny – Dey, I was only 5-6 yrs old you know.
    Sleeping Princess – Luckily, I cuma bodoh-bodoh follow my sis, never really bother the story line. As long as got chance to eat pickled fruits and candy floss, plus kuaci cukup.
    Eileen – Ya, HK movie now very much improved liao, I think Taiwan movies all died-ed liao.

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