Something gotta give (way for blogging)

Ever since I got on to blogging, a few things had to take second place. Remember that besides blogging, I run a parenting forum with 650+ members, 3 Yahoo group emails and several websites of my own. Which I personally handle all of them, with help from some terrific, generous women who volunteer their time. I use Dreamweaver to update my websites, liaise with a few doctors for help, keep up with the latest news from the NGOs and so on. Oh die, I am now also a redundant moderator of another forum.

Blogging is my latest passion. A few things had been booted out of my life. In fact, I did not notice that I had neglected them until today. No….not my kids or atm. They are very well maintained. In fact, my older kids would be happy if I can get off their backs more often, which I did not. The same old mom who will ask the same old question, “Homework finished or not? When exam? What you don’t know? I gave you a brain, use it. Yaddayaddayaddda” And my atm is happy I am not buzzing in his ears while he is concentrating on the idiot box watching 22 foolish men chasing after a piece of cowhide.

First, lying neglected and ignored is the daily newspapers delivered to my doorstep every morning. I used to be very eager to read the paper to see if my big name appeared, read some obituaries (kpc trait in me wants to know one man with 2 wives got how many chewren etc), hoRRorscope and my Sunday dose of Dear Thelma. Heck, even Dear Ole Thelma can no longer spice up my Sunday morning.

Next – Astro Channel 30, Wah Lai Toi, every evening from 8.30 pm till 10.30 pm glued to the Honkies lifestyle of drinking red wine, changing spouses when got ‘no feel’, learning all the bad morals. Now? Can tell atm, “Oi, go and unsubscribe Dynasty Channel la, no one watch, waste money only.”

pDVDs – I have no patience to watch pDVDs at home because either toddler will be demanding attention or kids are too distracting. Chey…how to feel the romance in the show with so many kids jumping and shouting around you like lalat? Read saucy blogs lagi best.

Women’s magazine – I am like all women. Suckers for glossy magazines, imagine that we are like the cover girl, dreaming of a posh lifestyle of the rich and famous. I subscribed to The Malaysian Women’s Weekly sometime last year (because I was featured mah, so mah buy regularly to wait for my face to appear lor) and almost every issue lies untouched. I write my own articles more addictive.

My books! I have a habit of buying books in every new place I go. I bought some from Hong Kong on my last trip. Then, whenever I was in KL (which used to be quite often), I will surely get something. Plus a big stack of special titles I got from Payless (in Ampoing Park). But they are lying around, waiting for the day when the world wide web died-ded.

My writings – I am supposed to write a Malaysian coping with grief book and used to do that every midnight to 3am. But things got too depressing and now, I am either blogging, reading blogs, commenting instead of focussing on my project. Can’t help it, I am only human. I sunk and now come up for some fresh air and hopefully got enough gas to continue later.

My toes and nails – shucks, I have stopped painting my nails. No time for the nail polish to dry before I got the urge to tap, tap, tap on the keyboard.

Counting white hairs – I am lucky, no white hairs except for a few hidden ones. Used to count them, 4, 5, 6, no more. Now? Who has time to stare too long in the mirror?

Something gotta give, when you are in love (with blog).

(BTW, married women, have you watched the movie with this title? No? Aiyoh…go and buy the pDVD la. Starring Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves)

15 thoughts on “Something gotta give (way for blogging)

  1. So much things you sacrifice just to make us (readers/forumers/visitors) happy ah!”Wai Dai” loh~Thank you soooooooooo much!

  2. Agree with Twinsmom, after no 2, no time for even sunday star. not enough time to finish folding laundry and to let you in a secret, house was not spring cleaned (selective surface cleaning only) for the last CNY.

  3. Actually, I got a very reliable relative to do housekeeping for me so in that area, I goyang kaki wan. And my kids now prefer to play on their own, toddler mingling with the kor-kor, kor-kor feels grown up babysitting. So, basically, I am very free and hence, have to occupy my time with all those things lor.

    I think the only difficult time is the first 1.5 years of the baby’s life when they solely depend on the mommy. Right now, my toddler doesn’t require much attention except asking me to play once in a while.

  4. Every year I oso do selective surface cleaning but this year very hardworking, do deep cleaning wor but while cleaning, sked ppl think my house got child abuse becos the kids cried so hard, two of us too busy and dirty to pick them up.

  5. wahhh serious case.. in taking up so many responsibilities you’re missing lotsa things.. but then on 2nd thot it’s understandable.. even on holiday and with no particular responsiblity except a single blog (which i update about trice a week).. all i could manage in a day is reading newspaper/books and an episode of TV or two.. i wonder what awaits me soon as study term starts :0))

    good luck.. next time invite munkit as class blogger to 5xmom la muahahaaa

  6. you know hor….I always paint nails while onlining…I paint adi then I type type type and before you know it, dry adi..then put another layer…type type type…then tadaaaa…..perfectly painted nails 😉

  7. I loved Something’s Gotta Give. Jack Nicholson rules hahaha. But I think the scene where Diane Keaton was crying non stop over so many scenes was a bit too ‘kua cheong’

  8. KS – yahor, I dunno leh, maybe I forego everrrryyything liao.
    Paul – call those crying hormonal. Yikes, I hope I don’t become like that in 10+ yrs time. But I wouldn’t mind a Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves as side order, though. Especially Keanu Reeves. *muahahaha*
    S-Kay – I kenot because before nail polish dry, I may be required to wash dirty bottom.
    MunKit – Those things are good riddance wan la. See paper only get depressed, see magazine, only want to spend money.
    Wah MG – sai lek lor, you cleaning, sampai anak also neglected.
    Twinsmom – Mrs B is going to be influenced by us loud SAHMs soon. After we pakat with her, Mr B tak mau kawan us anymore. *muahahahaha*

  9. no wonder la typical you.. see something then think of something one keeke.. see my crabby crab then wanna go fight with me take crab pic wor.. kecoh//

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