Generation gap

#2 son : Awww….marn….don’t torture me

5xmom : What torture?

#2 son : When we do that, you scream at us

5xmom : Ya mah, you all wan so noisy, I can go gila you know

#2 son : You sudah ketinggalan zaman la, ho sim la, go and update yourself. (you are behind time, for goodness sake)

5xmom : Oi, you watch it wor, you think I very old meh

#2 son : Please laaaaaaa….I beg you…… turn off your Yahoo Launchcast or I report you for penderaan anak (child abuse). Or you come, I teach you what is music.

5xmom : OK lah, then you promise you won’t play that stupid St. Andreas PS2 music so loud, cannot turn on the volume of the station from your computer too loud. Or else, I whole day sing love songs and if that is not enough, I sing gospel songs. Somemore not enough, I sing Chinese opera, you want? I ada lagi kerng mya, now I choir practice, I can also sing Latin songs. *muahahahaha*

#2 son : Amah….. (slap forehead) you think your voice very nice ah?

5xmom : Who cares……as long as I got voice, enuff la.

#2 son and 5xmom make peace. No one is allowed to turn on the music from their respective computer/TV/PS2 too loud because we have a huge generation gap that cannot be bridge where taste for music is concerned. But we have one pet hate – Barney songs. But funnily, both Barney VCDs are missing and toddler had not been watching Barney for 3 days already. Woo hoo! Peace on earth.

14 thoughts on “Generation gap

  1. Tolerance between parents and children are vital in one family,especially when they are teenagers.They want to have their own privacy,their own freedom,their own room,their own decision and stuff.This is when they least want their parents to intefere.However,being parents,they keep on want to campur tangan.Idea clashes.Arguement happens.Then when parents don’t know what to say anymore,rotan is the way to force them to accept the parents’ suggestion. Sighz…it happens most of the time.This might sound a little out of topic though,but it happen because of the generation gap.because each generation was raised by two different ideas,thinking and stuff. šŸ™‚

    Hmm,it is happy to see that #2 willing to tolerate and 5xmom giving him an option as well.I sumtimes do hope my mum does that,but she never (During those days.)sad case…

    hehe..barney gone missing?good thing wut!eh,#2 didn’t play beyonce hitz songs ah?my favourite ler…

  2. Heheh… what were you listening to?
    There was a time when my mom used to wake me up on Sunday mornings with her Theresa Teng playing too loud.

  3. GUB2 – Hey, I can sing the chorus too. Though I don’t know what I am singing. Especially that ‘yeh liang’ song.
    Jason – Go blog it.

  4. Headphones seem to be the obvious solution with an added advantage: You can pretend not to hear your kids whining for their meals.
    What do you listen to anyway? Come to the Bloggers chat room. Pokkufm (aka Radio Pencen) plays request.

  5. oi this lilian memang ketinggalan zaman liow la.. you dono what is earphone ah..

    my parents listen to those old country songs one.. damn boring.. should try r&b šŸ™‚

  6. Go learn vulgar rap songs from dSaint. Guarantee both you and your kids will like them. šŸ˜›

    dSaint : “Hoi!”

  7. Slyvia – yeah, they all no big-no small wan. I prefer it that way, so that we can ‘khou thong’ (communicate) better.
    Doc – Eh, don’t use Dsaint name wor, you also can teach mah.
    Fish-fish – The gap is inevitable. If no gap, sei lar. Either I am ‘fatt hou’ or my sons are nerds.
    s-kay – #2 is going to be 13 yrs this year. That day he even said so loud in Tesco, causing the people around to laugh, He said, ‘Aiyoh, makcik ah, you ketinggalan zaman la’.
    Oi Munkit – how to earphone, like Pok Ku said, baby crying also I can’t hear, how? And then, hor, I am not the country and western la. I listen to Marc Anthony, Air Supply, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey la. Still not so old la.
    Pok Ku – Will definitely check it out, on weekdays when I am less busy.
    Katsmew – Ewwwwss.. I hate Elvis! He sounded like got phelgm in his throat.
    Farking – hentam siapa tu? Pulas telinga can la.
    Cherry – Hahaha, I am already bugging my 15 years old if he has a girlfriend.

  8. Hmmm… This lil rat is feeling a wee ratty this evening ( Haze flu effect, cannot help lor)

    How about I send you and #2 son a copy of Barney MP3s?

    (Cue diabolical laugh and the menacing Barney Theme Song…Muahahaha)

    Hello Kak…How r you? ^_^

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